We know how hard it is to shop for tech lovers due to the changing pace. What you by today would be obsolete tomorrow. This is why you need to be ahead of technology and come up with a tech gift that is evergreen.

Here are ten perfect gift ideas for your tech-obsessed friends.

1. Airports

Wireless technology has eliminated the hassles of cables and tangled cords. Plus, they are easy to carry and use.

Airports are a little expensive but can do the job well. They offer ‘smart tap’ technology, which can be used to receive or cancel calls or move onto the next track in your playlist.

It is very beneficial in an environment where noise levels do not permit the vibrator or ringtone to alert you. Some big brands like Bose, Sony, Apple, and B&H have introduced a variety of models ranging from smaller pods to bigger headsets depending on your requirements.

Plus, they come with the smart pairing, which lets you pair these devices with your smartphones, smart TVs, and even car media players.


2. Smartwatch

Smartwatches tell you more than just the time. They offer GPS tracking and can make it easy for you to drive and reach your destination.

Some other features include:

  • Tracking heart rate
  • Tracking distance
  • Measuring sleep
  • Calculating fitness
  • Weather updates

Moreover, some can also allow you to make and receive phone calls. Some top brands include Apple, Samsung, but you can find some more affordable options as well.

They are a great option, especially due to the ability to install and use different apps.  

3. Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are also available on Amazon ranging from $35.99 to $199.9. They come with a new technology called ‘intercom’, which can be used to broadcast a message throughout the property.

Most brands have their own operating systems with several apps and integration.  

4. Smart TV Box

A smart TV box can be a good gif for anyone who likes to stream movies and enjoy TV shows.

These boxes can show high-quality content and come with support for platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO. Plus, some may even connect to social media and allow you to browse the web, check your Facebook, and send and receive emails.

5. Smart Security Camera

Wireless connectivity enables your security cameras to instantly transmit live footage on your smart tablet, phone, PC or TV. Some even come with night vision that can record videos at night or when it is dark.

With increasing crimes, it can be a good gift. It shows that you truly care for their well being and want them to stay safe and secure. However, make sure to pick one with care since not all cameras are made equal.

smart cameras

6. Power Strips

Power strips house multiple sockets for adapters for different devices. Some may even include the option for the wireless charging, which is getting popular with many models of Samsung, Apple offering wireless charging.

Given how much we count on mobile devices now, it can be a very thoughtful gift. Just pick one that is safe to use and can hold a number of devices.

7. A Video Gaming Chair

If your friend is into gaming then a video gaming chair can be a nice gift. These chairs are different from your regular chair as they are made to sit and enjoy games for longer durations and some may even have space for eatables.

Plus, some smart video gaming chairs even come with a mic, speaker to create a cinema-like environment.

8. Baby Monitors

This can be a good gift if your friend recently had a baby. Baby monitors can give parents the peace of mind that they need.

It can allow them to keep an eye on the baby. Smart monitors let you know the movement or activity happening in the baby’s room with information on temperature and humidity as well.

Some even allow you to set a lullaby to play automatically to keep your baby comfortable. Just make sure to pick one that offers all these features and is also affordable.

Popular brands include Avent, Philips, and Tommee Tippee. However, you can find some affordable brands as well.

9. An HDMI Cable

This may come as a surprise to some but an HDMI cable can be a nice gift for someone who loves technology. You can pick one from Koincable.com or other such manufacturers.

They can be used to transfer data from one device to another. You can’t really play games if you don’t have a good HDMI cable.

10. A Smart Vacuum Cleaner

We all need a vacuum cleaner to keep the house neat and clean. This can be a difficult job if you do not have a smart cleaner, which can do the job on your behalf.

It can be a very good gift for everyone. Just pick one that is easy to use, can connect to a mobile device, and works well.

smart vaccum cleaner


Keep the recipient in mind when picking a gift. You should buy something that they’d be interested in.