The router is the common home network device is the piece of network hardware that allows communication between your local home networks like personal computers and other connected devices to the Internet. The router used in home and small networks is more accurately called a housing gateway to connect the devices. A wireless router is the first line of safety from the disturbance which happens in a network. Allowing the highest level of security on the router is the best way to keep your computer system and information safe from the attacks forms others. You want to have some thoughts before choosing a router for your home. In this article, let’s see the important points to be kept in the mind before buying a router for home.

1. Single-band vs. Dual-band

Wireless routers work on two different frequency bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz band can be used by a large number of devices around your house and is more vulnerable to interfering and blocking. The 5GHz band is naturally less jumbled and provides a faster level of connection. A dual-band router offers both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If you go with the dual-band router it will be comfortable to connect the various devices without any problem.  In the single-band router, you may face some problem in connecting with more devices.

2. The speed of the Internet

You should be careful while choosing the router that the speed of internet what you are going to receive from it. If the router is going to use by more people, you want to go with the high speed providing routers and if it’s enough to get a normal amount of internet speed, you can go with the low branded or low price router that gives the less speed of the internet.

speed of internet

3. The distance of area it covers

When you are living in a larger apartment it will make some problems in providing Wi-Fi to various devices in the apartment. So, you want to go with the good brand of routers. A single router with a strong set of antennas is more than enough for the small house internet users. You should be careful in Wi-Fi extenders that pick up a router’s signal and rebroadcast it somewhere else in your home and you can make the arrangements of the routers in the correct placement of the home.

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4. Number of devices can be connected

If you want to connect only the limited devices with the Wi-Fi you can manage without the router. You need the router when the number of connections is more. Before buying the router you should choose the router which can give the support to more device connection will give the worth of buying a router. You want to care to check how many Ethernet ports in the router which can connect the number of devices. Also, you want to check for USB ports if you want to add an external drive or another device to your home network without any separate connection in the home.

5. Check the software & security features

If you want to have the complete control of the router it’s very important to choose the router with good security features which will be useful to keep the information safe. You can also have the features of restricting some unwanted internet sites which will be harmful to the children in the home and in the official areas you can control some confidential information should not be leaked to other members. By setting the security features in the routers you don’t want to go with the Wi-Fi passwords to secure the things from others.

security of router

6. The router should have the smartphone app

As per the generation update, the router should have the updates equal to the generation update. The router should have the smartphone app to control the settings of the router by the phone that we have in our hand. The old generation people could manage their wireless routers only by use their firmware through a computer which has the web browser that will be connected to the router. It’s something difficult for the people to use in a fast and secure way. But now you can buy the wireless routers which can be accessed by the smartphone apps that make the people time save and keep the good level of security.

7. RAM for fast processing system

More than the outer facility of the router the inner RAM facility matters a lot in the router. If you want to manage more devices in the home definitely you need a good capacity of RAM in the router which will be able to connect more devices without any disturbance. If you want to play more online games and video streaming with the Wi-Fi connection you may need more level of data. To manage the speed level ant the capacity the router should have the good level of RAM facility in the router.

8. USB ports

USB port option is very important in the router to make the connection of the wireless devices like external hard disks, printers, USB modems, etc. in the home. Without the USB port, you can’t connect those devices with the router. These features in the USB port will be very useful in small offices where they can be used within the wireless network without the need of internet.

9. Price of the router

The price of the router should be reasonable to the features which it has in the router. If you need the internet speed in a low condition and in that case you no need to go with the high price of the router and the low price of the router which can provide less speed of internet is more than enough to serve the internet in the home. It saves the money by purchasing the low price router based on our needs.

money should be reasonable

10. The lifespan of a router

Networking field has the chances of changing all the minute. You may get better routers in the day by day changes. But it’s an important thing to keep in mind to research about the router what you are going to choose in the market and also compare the router to get the better router. It is good to see the reviews on the product to judge the lifespan of the router. If the router is working fine for years, you don’t want to go for the new router and keep continue with the old one.

These are the tips which should be considered before choosing a good router for the home.