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15 Best Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019

Starting out it is necessary to explain what social media and social media marketing are.

Social media can be defined simply as applications and websites that allow their users to generate, share content, and take part in social networking. Over the years, social media has proven to be a useful platform to market products and services due to the millions of users. A lot of businesses find it convenient and cheap to advertise their products /services and provide attractive deals for their customers there.

Social media marketing is an influential way for business owners—small or big, to reach out to customers. It happens because most clients are already engaging with their preferred brands via social media like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With well-thought-out marketing on these platforms, you will get incredible success and improved sales.

Apart from marketing, social media can also be used to connect and chat with friends /family and get news from other parts of the world. Musicians can also share their music and videos with their fan base. While it’s hard to tell which direction 2019 holds, there are some few trends which have started shaping well for the future.

15 Predictions of Trends We Should Follow Closely in 2019

1. Social communities:

Monitoring the evolution of really involved online communities is a must. Online users and social media groups will play a significant role for online marketers to provide customers with services and products that can change people’s perceptions and offer transformation.

2. Conversational marketing:

This will come through the great shift that advertising is likely to take in 2019. Advertisements will move from single-dimensional ads to conversational marketing. This will be perfectly met through a combination of service, sales, and marketing activities.

3. Influencer marketing:

Companies, for instance, with virtual reality retail development, will have to pay more attention to influential individuals (bloggers, vloggers, media personalities). Influencer marketing focuses more on people who can easily influence potential customers. Companies or service providers can then orient marketing events or activities around such influencers.

4. Content marketing:

There is an ever-increasing demand for new content on products and services. This demand will continue in 2019, and it’s important to generate fresh and relevant content even for SEO purposes.

5. Chatbots:

These are computer programs that provide an artificial intelligence channel for conversations with customers. They are getting popular and will play a huge role in business development in 2019.

6. Marketing automation:

This helps to know the customers better and create campaigns for products and services. It provides an excellent way to generate in-house campaigns instead of outsourcing.

7. Social video:

Marketing through videos in 2019 is definitely something that will continue into 2019. You can send videos on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. Millions of users access these platforms each month.

Instagram has been recommended for its Instagram Stories and the multitude of users that have embraced the platform. It has become a vibrant platform for marketing. Additionally, YouTube’s popularity is on the rise.  

8. Voice technology:

People are using smart speakers a lot more than in the past. Apple HomePod, Google Home, and Amazon Echo are some great technologies for people to use in 2019.

9. Social Detoxes:

This implies that people are shifting from spending a lot of time on social media to spending time with friend and families. It will need online marketers to be more creative in delivering captivating content that adds value when people visit social media.

10. Targeting audience:

Online marketers will need to have a niche audience for their products through the application of geolocation services linked to social media.

11. Focus on Generation Z:

This generation was born in the wake of technology. It makes them naturally suitable for social media marketing.

12. Live streaming:

This takes video passages to a new level. It is more interactive and direct to customers as the marketing is passed in real time. The trend will definitely continue in 2019.

13. Augmented Reality:

This trend is slowly picking up in implementation, and it is predicted to have a great impact people will want to benefit from in 2019. Sharing photos will definitely be more fun with features such as facial filters on your smartphones. A good example is the facial filters feature which allowed in Snapchat.

14. User-generated content:

This is content generated by voluntary fans of products and services that promote businesses’ products. This can be done through videos, memes, or photos.

15. Mobile ready content:

Content creating passed through apps. There are a lot of people who have access to smartphones and marketers can take advantage of this.

The social media trends for 2019 will all cater for client experience by allowing the client to freely sample what is offered on the various platforms and making a decision on the best service or product to invest in . It’s all about creating relationships, engagements, and connections. It is definite that social media plays a key role in marketing and promoting brands for businesses. Business owners must be aware of the popular trends in 2019 to enable them to leverage the marketing strategies and reach a wider range of customers. With this knowledge, success in sales and branding will be inevitable.

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