2018 is a remarkable year for SEO, with more technological advancements still anticipated as local and international developers aggressively stick to developing and launching newer tools and trends to better the internet experience. Serpbook, for instance, has been noted to be a highly used SEO tool among site owners for the amazing insights it provides as regards SERP.

With increased online population and brand competition within the same industry, it has become necessary for local businesses to optimize their site so as to gain a strong local search presence. This article enlists for you 5 simple steps for local SEO relevant in 2018:

Local link-building

Every site owner has determined by now that link-building is essential for any SEO practice, and for local SEO, your link-building needs to be local.

Identify sites that are in the same location as you, as well as relevant to your industry, for link-building. Since link-building is a major factor for search engine ranking, ensure you pick out quality links that will be free from broken links and error pages, or worse, substantial content that devalues your site in general.

For backlinks, you need to work a little harder, sometimes even resolving to guest posting in exchange for backlinks that will boost your visibility together with your reputation.

Local link building


Choose location relevant keywords for targeted content

The good thing about local SEO is that the pressure is not as intensive as international SEO, simply because your audience niche is narrower, hence our SEO strategies are action. Optimize your long-tail keywords to include your location, with clear intent.

When choosing your keywords, and even deciding on topic areas for your site, consider picking local keywords that are location-specific so that as you seek to position your content as a solution to users, you are providing content that your target audience can relate to, which ultimately will boost your credibility likewise as your local ranking on search engines.

Remember not to overuse your keywords, allowing them to naturally flow within posts, titles, URLs, and descriptions so that your content is specific and personalized, rightly targeted to the correct audience of interest and specific to your industry and location.

Make social media your friend

It is already known that as a result of the tremendous popularity of social media, it has become the go-to digital marketing platform for site owners.

However, for your local SEO strategies to work for you, ensure you make social media your friend especially in terms of your activities and commitment to stay consistent on the different platforms.

Form or join groups and communities that are specific to your industry and location, so that, you keep up to speed with the trends and conversations in your locality. Reach out to people within your operational space by structuring specific messages for your local audience on social media.

When creating your social media profiles, provide substantial and clear information about your brand, not forgetting to point out your location.

For the reason that social media is relational and allows for users to reach out to audiences via email or call to follow up on orders and purchases, make sure your location information is accurate, and this way, you will have just the right audience that is interested and can access your products services.

make social media a good frnd

Make use of customers’ feedback

Your customers directly interact with your brand, which means they have firsthand experience with the general feel of your site as well as your content. Listen to your local customers more than you push messages on them.

Make a deliberate effort to use the feedback you receive from your audience, whether negative or positive, not forgetting that audience participation increases your visibility and your ranking on search engines. If the local SEO if your site is to result in a high ranking on search engines, your audience must feel valued.

Since they are entitled to their opinions about your brand, use their feedback to better your brand and positively take in criticism. It is your initial local customer base that will widen to reach out to a larger audience, even taking your brand international.

Choose a geographic domain for your site

It is highly important that you optimize your site on-page, which is inclusive of URL and domain optimization. While a lot of your SEO efforts might not feature well locally, getting a domain is the ultimate way to localize your site.

Pick a domain name that is not only relevant to your brand but also communicates on your location, for instance, exampleinafrica.com. Such a domain immediately hints the users of your niche, which will attract you an audience that is genuinely attracted in finding content from that region.

SEO is growing more complex by the years, but even so, there are tools and tips conveniently available to allow for all site owners to make informed decisions. These 5 simple steps should help you set up your local business and successfully optimize it for both your audience and search engines threat synonym.

Hope this Information helps you