For developers, building new apps and designing new websites is a regular chore, a chore they really enjoy. Given they have to repeatedly perform similar tasks, PHP frameworks come in real handy. And, especially, when the work gets bigger. One of the most loved PHP frameworks is Laravel. If we are talking about backend development, Laravel is gaining much popularity among the PHP developers in India. An open-source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel was built with an aim to create excellent web applications following the MVC architectural pattern. Laravel stands for good features, scalability, and great performance.


Let’s take a look as to why Laravel is popular this year:


  1. Detailed and Consistent Documentation
    Laravel is easy to learn and is developer friendly. If we go back and see the Otwell version, even that was well documented. This has continued with all its future releases and to most developers, these progressive releases look familiar and become easy to work with. The style of coding and commenting have been consistent from the very start and that’s the way things are moving.


  1. Migrations of Database

Migration is the code representation of the database schema. Whenever a new Laravel developer joins a team as a part of PHP web development services, the team does not need to explain methods, sharing SQL dumps, etc. to this new team member. At all times, the entire team works together to establish database consistency.


  1. Database Seeding

Seeding of database helps the Laravel developers to create a dummy test data in the database. This feature comes in real handy to developers for testing the web services or API. A library, known as Faker, is used to seed the database along with this test data or fake data.

database seeding


  1. Articulate Syntax

For the development of PHP-based Laravel framework, Object Relational Mapping software is used. This Object Relational Mapping software or ORM is considered to be one of the best ORMs that exist in the market. Ask any developer of Laravel, and they will surely talk about how this clean syntax is very easy to comprehend.


  1. Blade

The blade is a rich template engine for Laravel. Here, the developers enjoy working with HTML. It is very easy for the user to pick the correct syntax they have been searching for.  


  1. Elixir

Laravel based Elixir helps to define basic Gulp tasks. It also provides a clean, confident and fluent API for any application development. Using this, one can support the common preprocessors like JavaScript (Webpack) and CSS (Sass).


  1. Laracasts

Thinking about how to learn Laravel? Jeffrey Way has developed the Laracasts, a tutorial or screencasts for people who want to learn Laravel or want to stay updated with any new code or syntaxes.

One can find this tutorial in the video documentation of Laravel and never be again worried in regards to learning Laravel.

created screen cast to learn laravel


  1. Authentication

With the most recent installation of Laravel, an improvised system of authentication has been implemented. Why is this helpful? Because of this, the developers need not write any new authentication code for each new application that they build.


  1. Pagination

This feature is a great help to Laravel developers. It helps by automatically paginating the data from the database when constructing services related to Web and API are under consideration.

Out of all the features of Laravel, this definitely steals the show.


  1. Lumen

It is an extremely fast micro-framework by Laravel. It has only been released recently as a part of Laravel developer’s team. What it does is that it allows the web developers to build the new APIs and execute micro-services at an unbelievably fast speed.


These were the top 10 reasons as to how we’re looking to even greater popularity and use Laravel in 2018. It is now common knowledge that more and more people are willing to learn laravel, utilize it to build some great apps and thoroughly have fun at work.