The technology of the mobile is amazing. It provides the most useful and productive tools of all times but it doesn’t end there. You can use smartphones to learn new skills and improve your persona. Here are the nine best smartphone apps for education.

1. Coursera

It is one of the best education apps that offer the wide range of courses. You can easily find the courses related to computer science, business, STEM, foreign language, art, etc. The platform has the access to over 1000 courses including paid and free. Most of them provide tutorials with video lessons. You will not find the difficulty to choose the course of your choice no matter what your budget is. The best thing is the app is optimized to use for the cross platforms so you can use it on the computer as well.

coursera app for edu

2. Edx

Edx brings you the wide range of courses from the world’s top colleges and universities to your mobile device. You can easily learn the new skills anywhere and anytime. Learn and enhance your skills to shape your career with the online courses that are growing at the fast pace. You will find the computer science, data science, management, finance, accounting, math, design and many more.  You can streamline the available courses and learn on the go. In fact, you can download the courses to watch them according to your suitability.

3. Google Play Books

It is one of the best educational apps for the smartphones. You can purchase or access freely to the topic of your interest. It can range from fantasy to fiction to comics to any other category. There is a broad range of educational books, guides, textbooks and other books that can provide you with a value. Prices are comparable to other book platforms. However, you can also try Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

4. iA Writer

It is the simple plain text editor provides the facility to write about the academic essays, poems, novels, and screenplays. It offers multi-markdown to edit featuring typographic preview templates. The organization is simple with an integrated file browser to access your all documents.  This can be an excellent source to write the essays. However, you can also keep the option open for buying college essays.

ia writters

5. Memrise

It is the language learning app which is also one of the best apps out there.  It teaches you the new language in chunks. The more you enjoy learning, you can develop more skills. The app has the games as well as the goals to keep going. It features over more than 100 languages to learn. You can learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Chinese, etc. The classes are free with the pro membership subscription.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is the easiest way to enhance the skills and practical terms for the vocabulary and many more. It is the flashcard app that makes the studying languages, science, history, etc.  The free version provides you the less number of sets of flashcards. The pro version can remove all the limitations. It is the app that you can use with the other educational apps by pairing with them.

There are numerous benefits of Quizlet. First one is you can test in the learning mode and test out your memory with the writing mode. The second one is there is the race against the time in the game of the match. You can easily share the flashcard with your friends and classmates.

7. Solo Learn

It is the app to learn the web development and computer language. They have a large number of apps. These apps are specialized in the computer language. Thus you can learn the computer language through their apps. There is a wide range of languages available including Python, Java, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript SQL. All these languages are absolutely free to learn.  The app has the stellar reviews. By installing this app, you can join the coders for any time anywhere with countless topic and assignments. You can run the real-time code into your android mobile code editor.

Solo Learn

8. Udacity

It is one of the most serious apps. Their courses are usually super specific with the in-depth study materials. By completing the course you can get the nano-degree. You can sharpen your skills by the master course developed by the professionals such as Google, Facebook, etc.

9. Udemy

This is the first app that has started offering the courses on the mobile. It currently has the courses over 32,000 in total. This ranges from technology, designing, development, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. There are both paid and free courses available. The app is pretty cool as it carries almost all the features of the website.

udemy courses

These are the nine apps that are useful and can sharpen your skills. They are readily available on your android phone and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.