About Me

Hellooooooo Friends…!

Before I start telling me I want you to know my vision because that will clear things like who I am, and what made me start this blog.

My Vision-

I wanted to build a platform where anyone Can get free help related technology (Computer, Phone, routers, etc .)

When a userland on my domain I want to Promises that user that we are Committed to help and resolve the Problem and give answers to there Problems related technology.

Every word And particle on this website will be Eager to Extend there helping Hand to help and Resolve the issue with your device.

I will Always Keep it free to Use and welcome all the suggestions and Feedback  Given by user.

that’s it, for now, let’s Get to Know me.

My name is Ratnanjay Singh and that’s all.

Just Kidding, there is Lot to tell You About me and I would love to share few things about myself.

I am 23 years Old technology Lover and I was caught in love with Computers and technology in the beginning of life.

As a 13-year-old teen,  I used to learn technology On the internet and Try to fix Devices Around me. And So far I am doing well with it

I come from a small town Named Pratapgarh (U.P) And I live in New Delhi.

I know mostly two language Hindi, English but I have interest in Some other Language like Spanish (Love the accent)

I am Sure you wanna  Know what made me start this Blog and what will inspire me to keep it Running.

First, let me Explain my Qualification = I am a Dropout.

Proud To Be Dropout-

Honestly speaking I Am a graduate (Only God Know how I did that ) but I was Always a enthusiastic Learner. After I dropped College while I was learning technology and I got a Job at tech Firm.  And Trust me at that time I was just 16.

I have learned Computer Troubleshooting, phone Assistance and lot more. it took me 5-6 years to learn all that and master it.

So far I have fixed more than 10000+ computers with various Problems but I also failed in some of them.

Now I was Ready with knowledge And experience so I decided to start my own Blog and help People As much as I can

This is Where I have learned SEO AND SMO and digital marketing.

Now I help People with there Blog and digital marketing but I Never wanted to Get my Tech Knowledge to Fade Away.

I own 5 computer and they are my Toys and I do experiment with them.

I keep my self-updated with latest news and technology and I learn ways to enhance my technical Information So I can help other.

Happy to Help-

It’s Always Great to Help People and make there day. Because without the right steps a normal user will be lost and waste there precious time.

A survey says 1 average Person waste there 10 Days/YEAR  straggling with Phone, Routers, printer computers etc. I want to cut that waste time and give it back to you.

Do you know that with right steps You can fix Half of your tech-related Problems without Going to any repairman.  I am here to help you do that But when it’s a Nonpaying Job it’s Not easy? But thanks to Lord Krishna I have everything I need.

I welcome anyone and everyone to learn and Give advise to make the world a better place and save Technology.

Contact Social-

Feel Free to Drop Comment Or Query On Our Social Platforms

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TechVaidya1/

Twitter– https://twitter.com/mytechvaidya

I will be updating this page with some Cool thoughts

If You have A Pressing Issue Reach out to us at support@techvaidya.com

I thank You for reading About me.