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Dear Friends if you are Reading this then I think You are looking for some help Regarding Your Norton Antivirus Product.

Let me tell You today is the day where Norton Problem Gets Fixed.I can help You setup and activate Your Norton Antivirus.

it’s very easy and in just a few simple steps You can activate Norton antivirus and get it going. Please Read all these steps and I am sure You can setup Norton Antivirus without any Problem.

So let’s Get started with Norton activation –

How to Activate & setup Norton antivirus?

Folks if you have bought Norton antivirus from store They have Given You a retail card Or if you have purchased it Online You must have Received an email containing the steps and 25 digit activation Code.

Let me Be Frank Here it does not matter How you Bought Norton as long as you have paid for this Product we can help You setup Norton antivirus.

Activating and installing Norton antivirus with retail card –

if you have the Retail card In hand you are Tired of trying to get Norton antivirus Downloaded I can help you with this –

  • first Please close all other Programs and Remove any other antivirus Program if you have.
  • please use this link to visit Norton activation page https://my.norton.com/home/setup
  • You can Login here if you have already an account with Norton if Not than You can Create a new account with Norton antivirus.
  • Once you are Login I will recommend Please  Log out Once .(let the Norton server be updated )
  • Now please Login in your Norton account and At the right-hand Top you can see My Norton 
  • Please Point Your cursor and you can see Option that says Download Norton Please Click On that.
  • Now it will Ask for Your 25 Digit Activation Code Please Type it there and press Enter after that.
  • After You have Redeem You card You can Go to my Norton On top and Download Norton that you have purchased.
  • Once you have download it Runs the setup and let the installation be completed.

Congrats you have done it well

  • Please Restart the System and Run a full Virus Scan on your machine .
  • You Can also manage Services and other device installation Using the same console.
  • Check out these 2 Guides we found On the internet very use full


Setup Norton antivirus using Installation disk –

If you have installation disc you can try this post to setup  How to Setup Norton 360 antivirus in my computer?

I Hope this may Help You to setup Norton antivirus in your Computer

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