Sure, .COM is the king when it comes to domains, but the question is – is it the right choice for your website?  Before you register a .COM or any other domain name for that matter, pause and consider if your business is better off registering a local domain.

First off, what is a domain name?

Computers are linked to each other by using numbers, called IP addresses, just like phone numbers. Domain names on the internet are like a name entry in a phone book, which tells people searching for a business what the numbers are, the same way a domain tells people, or their computers, that domain is hosted on a particular server.

Without a domain name, you’d need to tell your customers that your website is addressed “123.456.789.123” instead of simply using a domain name such as

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of registering a .au domain name for your Australian business.

Highlight that you’re Australian

Having .au at the end of your domain name shows everyone that they’re dealing with Australian business. This is beneficial if you’re an e-commerce business or are offering local services. When you go to you can be sure that you’re not dealing with an online shoe shop in New Zealand.

Eligibility rules prove you’re legit Australian

You might not know this, but unlike a .com or .net, not everyone is entitled to register a You need to meet special criteria outlined in the auDA policy. This may seem hard but it isn’t. If you have just opened a hardware store in Perth, you already have a registered ABN/ACN and business name–let’s say the name is Perth Shoes and Stuff. This should be enough for you to register your chosen domain name, e.g. The ABN/ACN requirement policy stops just everyone from registering Australian businesses names.

Your web name shoes recognition and trust

Australian consumers trust and recognise the .au domain name extension. Blokes here are used to seeing it in advertising and when using Australian businesses. They seek it out, so this is especially important for local e-commerce shops in Australia. The .au extension on your domain name signals what your web designer would need to use to help build trust with your customer.

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Helps with your website ranking

Having an .au domain name assists Google in understanding where your business is based or operates. Using a .com lets Google have a harder time ranking you for local searches and become dependent on other elements of your website to understand which market you service.

It also matters in what searchers do with the search results. If search returns show 2 sites by side, one at a .com and the other at a, the Australian consumer will more likely click on the local one.

Now that you know the advantages of using a local domain, the next step is to choose a provider. The company you choose to host your website will form part of your team and it is important that their services and features are in line with your company’s needs.

Companies like Crazy Domains offering .au domain name registration have fast stepped up to international standards and can compete with any hosting provider out there. While overseas services can be more affordable, this shouldn’t be the main reason for selecting them. You can get everything you will require to host and manage your website via Australia’s fastest hosting platform with blazing fast page loading times. Check them out!