Anime is a diverse form of art with different production methods and techniques adapted over time in response to emerging technologies. It is characterized by its ideal storytelling mechanism which combines realistic art, cinematography, characterization and other forms of individualistic and imaginative techniques. Actually hand-drawn, anime is differentiated from reality by a crucial fiction gap that provides an ideal path – somewhere the audience can escape and immerse themselves with ease.


Anime is a medium and not a genre in and by itself as many people would think. It is classified into many kinds based on target demographic which includes children that are girls and boys and a diverse range targeting the adult audience. Everyone has a favorite type and could be more familiar to the basic ones such as comedy, drama, action, and romance and sci-fi, but there are so many other genres which are unique to subcultures such as shounen for boys and shojo for girls.

Here are a few anime genres to watch:

1. Slice of life

This one is maybe the greatest repetitive of all anime genres which is characterized by jokes which are usually in actual life situation. Just like in most anime genres, the speech pace of the comedy or slice of life genre is relatively fast but more relaxed compared to action genres. Japanese anime jokes could be categorized into four that is dirty jokes, clean jokes, romance/comedy jokes, and parody jokes. Depending on which type of tricks you relate to the most, a slice of life is quite an exciting genre to be watching.

2. Action

Just as the name suggests, this genre is often characterized by a lot of movement from the characters, mostly a male lead character, a set up involving tournaments and a story that goes on forever, but is not always the case. In this genre, therefore, the dialogue is many briefs and usually composed of interjections, shouting names and even battle cries. The type may be further grouped to a subculture genre the shounen which is anime aimed at kids who love the action that is the male audience. The action genre represents almost every show that has made it to TV including the well-known Pokémon.

3. Romance

This type always comprises of love. It may come in different forms such as the pair that comes together in the end, the love triangle where two people will fight over the same individual and the love square where everybody can switch feelings on a dime. The genre might have a fiction setting but then a realistic one. It is also known for having the most natural language use and vocabulary except in the cases where the characters are blushing or stammering. Also, if you can enjoy romance, this would be the most appropriate genre to study Japanese from if interested.

romance with anime

4. History

All anime in the history genre have surroundings from historical times. The idea of watching history anime may not seem helpful, but at advanced levels, there will be a better adaption to the language and therefore greater comprehension. Anime based on history incline to have great stress on either superpowers or action or even both. That is where live-action dramas come in. They tend to have a more realistic reflection of the past as well as word usage and terminology.