How to Promote Apps for Higher search Positions?

What to take into consideration choosing an app promotion service? This question haunts many newcomers in app marketing. All of them promise to boost your position in search, but the methods are different. So, you should be aware of what type of services you need and what are their particularities.

Google ads and bing ads may be quite helpful tool to help you get started with these promotions using there ad account however one may require set of skills and experience to make it cost effective.

Order installs from search ads to index your app

The easiest way to start your app promotion is to order traffic from search ads. The best thing about it is that you don’t need lots of investment in advertising. You choose cost per install, the region, define your daily budget, and that’s it. Users see ads with your product and download it. If your app is brand- new and you aren’t visible in the search results, it’s a great solution. You’ll get to the index and will be able to enhance your position with motivated installs.

Boost your rank with motivated traffic

CPI installs are great for a start. But they give you visibility only when you launch a campaign. To attract organic users and increase your app’s performance, you should order keyword installs. You choose keywords and set up a campaign. The key point is to choose relevant search terms. How to do that? Pick up as many keywords as possible. Use brainstorm, ASO tools, autosuggestions of the search field, check your competitors’ meta and descriptions to find search terms. Then, you should check them manually in Google Play. Look through the search results by keyword. Do you see apps that have different functionality? Then, don’t use this keyword for advertising your app. Make a test to estimate the needed number of installs per keyword. Start with up to 20 installs and monitor your changes, increasing this amount gradually.

Bring your app to the top with motivated reviews

Some marketing managers don’t use motivated reviews to promote an app. It’s a big mistake. You can also add keywords to the reviews – it will help with their indexation and promotion. Besides, you’ll improve your rating and reputation.

Take into account all these possible services by choosing an install provider. All of them are available at a single platform of keyapp . top. Contact them, if you’re still wondering what app promotion service to choose.

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