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Do You Have Problems With Belkin Range Extender?
Is Your Belkin Range Drops The Connection  Or Doesn’t Work at all?
If Your Answer Is Yes Than Let me Tell You And Me Can Fix This Issue In Just Simple Steps.
Let’s Start With Few Basic Steps –

Troubleshooting Belkin Range Extender-

  • Restart Your Main Wireless Router And Modem.
  • Now Turn Off Your Belkin Range Extender And Wait For 20 seconds (unplug From Power)
  • Please Plug Your Extender Back To Power Outlet And Restart Your Computer.

See If This Helps to Get extender Connecting Again to Network.

Still Having Problems?

Don’t Worry If This Did Not Work I Got More To Help You.

Let’s Try Doing some More Steps to Get Belkin Extender Working Again –

Hard Reset Belkin Range Extender to Default Settings –

  • Carefully Look At The Back Of Your Belkin Range Extender
  • Find the Reset Hole At The Back Of Your Extender.
  • Use a Paperclip Or Pen And Press The Reset Key At The Back And Hold It For 30 seconds And then Release the Reset key.
  • Restart Your Extender And Then Restart Your Router Also

Now It’s Time You Setup Range Extender Again Go to Belkin.range And Setup The Belkin Range Extender     Read More – How To Setup Belkin Range Extender?

Dear Friends, I Do Understand That Few Belkin Extender Models Do Not Have Reset Key At The Back.

Resetting Belkin Extender Without Reset Key-

Friends In Order To reset Extender Without Reset key You Need to Follow these steps –

  • Connect Your Belkin Range Extender To Computer (Laptop Or Desktop) Using Ethernet Cable.
  • Please  Open Belkin.range Or Type On The Top Of Your Browser.
  • Now Go to Settings >Utility> Restore Factory Defaults 
  • Restore Your Belkin Range Extender to Default Settings And Restart Your Extender

Your Belkin Range Extender Is Fully Reset And Now You Can Setup Belkin Range Extender Again.

Click Here to Setup Belkin extender–   Belkin.range 

See If All This Information Helps You Fix Your Belkin Range Extender.

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