Hello Everyone ,

Do You Have Problems With Belkin Range Extender ?

Is Your Belkin Range Drops The Connection  Or Doesn’t Work at all ?

If Your Answer Is Yes Than Let me Tell You And Me Can Fix This Issue In Just Simple Steps .

Lets Start With Few Basic Steps –

Troubleshooting Belkin Range Extender-

  • Restart Your Main Wireless Router And Modem .
  • Now Turn Off Your Belkin Range Extender And Wait For 20 seconds (unplug From Power)
  • Please Plug Your Extender Back To Power Outlet And Restart Your Computer .

See If This Helps to Get extender Connecting Again to Network .

Still Having Problems ?

Don’t Worry If This Did Not Work I Got More To Help You .

Lets Try Doing some More Steps to Get Belkin Extender Working Again –

Hard Reset Belkin Range Extender to Default Settings –

  • Carefully Look At The back Of Your Belkin Range Extender
  • Find the Reset Hole At The Back Of Your Extender .

  • Use a Paperclip Or Pen And Press The Reset Key At The Back And Hold It For 30 seconds And than Release the Reset key .
  • Restart Your Extender And Than Restart Your Router Also

Now Its Time You Setup Range Extender Again Go to belkin.range And Setup The Belkin Range Extender     Read More  – How To Setup Belkin Range Extender ?

Dear Friends I Do Understand That Few Belkin Extender Models Do Not Have Reset Key At The Back .

Resetting Belkin Extender Without Reset Key-

Friends In Order To reset Extender Without Reset key You Need to Follow these steps –

  • Connect Your Belkin Range Extender To Computer (Laptop Or Desktop) Using Ethernet Cable .
  • Please  Open Belkin.range Or Type On The Top Of Your Browser .
  • Now Go to Settings >Utility> Restore Factory Defaults 
  • Restore Your Belkin Range Extender to Default Settings And Restart Your Extender

Your Belkin Range extender Is Fully Reset And Now You Can Setup Belkin Range Extender Again .

Visit Belkin.range Or https://fixingblog.com/how-to-setup-or-reset-the-belkin-range-extender/

See If All This Information Helps You Fix Your Belkin Range Extender .

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