Hello Everyone,

there are times When you come back to your home Or Office and see your Belkin router Blinking orange or Amber and when you try to access the internet you came to know that the internet is not working.

Today we will Explain, How you can Fix  Blinking Orange Or Amber Light on your wireless router. please understand that this can be small issue But also a Beginning Of Problems so Please read all these steps carefully to rectify the problem for once and all.

Why Blinking Orange Light On Belkin router

there are many Possibility ones can experience orange light Flashing on Belkin wireless router  such as

  • Belkin router is overheating Or Glitch in power supply
  • IP Conflict Or New Firmware Update
  • modem if faulty or the internet is down from ISP Side (Internet Service provider)
  • The connection from Router to Modem is Loose Or Disconnected.

However, in our experience we have seen everything working fine still router flash orange light so Here are Quite solutions for you to fix the Belkin router.

Let’s start with baby steps before making any major changes to the Belkin router.

Standard Belkin Troubleshooting –

  1. Disconnect the Modem and Router from the power source and Wait for minutes for them to cool down then plug them back to the power source.
  2. Check the cable connections from isp to Modem and from Modem to Router.try log in to your Belkin router  and Look for any latest updates and update the firmware.

check connections

  1. Contact your internet service Provider Or Belkin tech support to make sure everything is Right from their side.

contact to your service provider

Now there are a few more steps that one can take to Troubleshoot this kind of issue-

Note – Doing further Steps Will Erase all the settings such as password, network name, Network key, and Firmware Updates, port forwarding for gaming devices & parental settings Will also be removed.

Reset & Re-setup Belkin Router –

  1. Plug the Belkin router to Power While its Connected to the modem.

isp connection

  1. look at the back of your Belkin router you will be able to see a tiny Hole Or Button as a Reset key.
  2. use a paperclip or pen to Press and Hold that key for 30 Sec and then let it go When you see all lights on Belkin Flashing altogether.


For More Information Visit: How To Reset Belkin Wireless Router To Default Settings ?

Now Once you have reset your Belkin Router its Time your Power cycle them One More Time and than Perform Belkin Router Setup  as this Router Should be Blank after reset.

Tips – Belkin Does make High-Quality Products But Still Please Restart your Router and Modem every once in While for it to Cool down a bit.

We hope all this information will help you overcome your Orange Light flashing issues and you will have a steady internet and Stable connection. Please Comment Below if you have any other issue with your Belkin wireless router.

Thanks & Good luck