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The amazing benefits of using MYSQL

MySQL has long been relied upon as an open-source database that allows an effective way to manage databases, particularly for big businesses that have an enormous amount of data that keeps growing. Even as a reliable and powerful solution, some people still have problems embracing it as a solution for their businesses. Perhaps the challenges are in whether or not the solution would befit their enterprise.

If you are such a person, consider this article as an eye-opener of some of the benefits of using MySQL, following some of its advanced features that could rely on, to do you some justice in managing your data growth over time.

Ease of use

Everyone would want a hassle-free experience in everything they do. With MySQL database applications, you have a small size and fast solution that is easy to use, even for beginners. Although it is necessary for you to have a basic understanding of SQL, a few simple SQL statements are all you need to get interacting with the MySQL interface.

Data Security

MySQL has established its name as a renowned open-source database for managing information, for use in popular web applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook, and Twitter. With such applications and sites relying on MySQL database, it means that the solution is credible when it comes to data security. There are so many informational transactions happening every day through major platforms. If MySQL can handle them securely, then it can handle your business’s databases. Therefore, even as an eCommerce business, it can be convenient for you to securely go ahead with your financial transactions once you have the MySQL database in place.

On-Demand Scalability

Scalability is one of the main challenges that most business owners undergo. No one can really be sure about how large their business will grow over a certain period, but they can very well determine that their data will grow. With data growth, there comes the challenge of having to change solutions, which for the most part is inconvenient. With MySQL however, there is the option of on-demand scalability. With just a smaller footprint, regardless of how many stacks of terabytes of data your company has, you can bank on the on-demand flexibility of this solution as the star feature of MySQL.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

MySQL solution is a relatively inexpensive option for businesses to manage their databases. For one, the solution is available by free download from MySQL Web site. Other than that, it is incorporated for free with NetWare® 6.5. Overall, you enjoy reduced cost of ownership, thanks to the fact that you save on troubleshooting time, downtime and performance problems, given its dependability and ease of management.

Workflow Control

Business owners love to be in complete control over the affairs and operational needs of their companies. With most solutions, requiring a substantial downtime to start operating, MySQL is different. It has a maximum of 30 minutes of download and installation time. On average, this means that you begin to enjoy your services from day one. The best bit is that MySQL comes with self-management features. With these features, you automate everything including space expansion, configuration, data design, and database administration.

High Performance and speed

With a million queries every single day, it would be infuriating to have to wait a long while before your request is processed. Fortunately, MySQL has a unique storage-engine framework, but with fewer features than other major database competitors. Even then, the database server is designed for flawless performance and speed. Ideally, MySQL is a perfect solution for optimum speed in meeting the most demanding applications, with a unique memory cache, and full-text indexes.

Usability with different platforms

The MySQL database is best as a comprehensive for all kinds of businesses because it comes with support for Linux, Microsoft, Macintosh or UNIX. Other than that, the MySQL database applications have immense support for development interfaces like JDBC, ODBC, and scripting (PHP and Perl). With usability with different platforms, you cannot cite an excuse for not enjoying the services of this database.
In general, if you are looking to build database applications for your business, you require your experience to be smooth, speedy, reliable and flexible to your needs. It is why you need the MySQL solution over all other database management systems available in the market. Visit to learn more about how to back up your MySQL binary logs.

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