You are looking for a WhatsApp alternative, aren’t you? Before moving further in the article let me tell you that you are in the right place. Here I will be sharing an amazing WhatsApp Alternative (not completely alternative) with you. No doubt you will also appreciate it. But before that let’s have a look over the reasons that forced you and me (earlier) to get a WhatsApp Alternative.

Although WhatsApp has billions of active users but still it has some limitations in it. We can’t call them limitations because for some users those limitations are very helpful. With every update of WhatsApp, we get some more limitations. Regularly WhatsApp is restricting their users for the sake of privacy.

If you want to get rid of the restrictions and so-called policies, you must download YOWhatsApp APK. YOWhatsApp is a MOD version of WhatsApp. Thanks to the developers who made this stunning app. YoWhatsApp offers almost all the options that are locked in WhatsApp. For instance, you will get the option to download someone’s story in YOWhatsApp but you can’t download the story in official WhatsApp. Hundreds of more such features are available on YOWhatsApp apk.

Let’s have a look over the,

Features of YOWhatsApp

* Through yowhatsapp, you can share video and media files under 700 MBs.

* At a time, 30 images can be shared whereas on official WhatsApp you are restricted to share only 10 images at a time.

* On Yowhatsapp, you can hide your online status and at the same time, you can check whether your friend is online or not.

* Yowhatsapp gives you the privilege to block someone’s audio or video calls whereas at the same time you can continue your conversation through messages.

* Although yowhatsapp is a mod version of WhatsApp, Yowhatsapp is as reliable and as secure as official WhatsApp. Yowhatsapp gives you the guarantee of not getting ban.

* You are free to modify Yowhatsapp through some preloaded themes. Not only the themes, but you can change the app icon also.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Yowhatsapp has more to offer but for that we suggest you to download the app and use it for a while. You will automatically understand why you should use the Yowhatsapp.

Now let’s have a look over the,

Installation guide of Yowhatsapp

Follow the below-mentioned steps to minimize the errors and issues that occur while downloading and installing any app.

* The very first step is to download yowhatsapp apk. You can download it through some trusted Apk providers. Avoid any random provider’s in-order to get malware free Apk file.

* Now, visit your file manager and navigate to the apk file that you have downloaded.

* Click on the file and let the installation process begin.

* Give all the required permissions to the application and wait until the process ends automatically.

Boom!! You have successfully installed your desired WhatsApp and now you can enjoy your freedom in the app. I am sure that you will appreciate the application within a week of usage.