For many new professionals, working at home comes off as a dream that seems too colorful to be true. While the internet is swarming with success stories of bloggers making it big, clicking through search results will land you on an article or two declaring that there’s no such thing as a sustainable life with blogging.

The truth, however, is that it’s not impossible to support a living by blogging full time. Sure, most of the millions of online writers don’t make enough money to sustain themselves with just their blogs, but if you’re passionate about a subject, have decent writing skills and are willing to spend a lot of your time in front of the screen, you can achieve a decent life by writing online.

So, are you thinking of diving into blogging with the hope to one day make it your full-time job? Here are a few basic things to know before you start.

1. Exactly How Much Can You Earn?

Salaries for online content creators vary widely. A Glassdoor search reveals ranges from $19K to 79K annually for the title “blogger,” while other sources claim that 14 percent of salaried bloggers make an average of $24K a year. As for freelance bloggers, the rate can be anything from $10 to $100 per post.

The results of a survey by indicates that you might have a better shot at a sustainable life if you establish your own blog rather than seek employment. Of course, your chances will depend on factors like the quality of your site and content, your blogging frequency, the competitiveness of your topic, and your effectiveness when it comes to building an audience and generating traffic.

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85 percent of the bloggers in the top income bracket have been working for four years or more, so don’t expect to make a quick buck. Blogging for money takes time to build an audience and nurture trust.

2. Starting and Growing Your Blog

The road to blogging success starts with identifying a profitable niche. Searching your interests on Google will give you a clue of the prevalence of your topic. And with Google Trends, you can know if a topic’s popularity is growing or falling.

With your niche chosen, you can proceed to bring the elements of your blog together. Go through guides about blog sites and platforms, and pick the one that suits your needs and budget. Ideally, you’ll want a platform that is easy to use and gives you adequate customization features to make your blog attractive and interactive.

A perfectly laid-out blog is essential, but it means little without high-standard content. Millions of blog posts are published daily, but only the creative and captivating ones are shared amongst readers.

Lastly, although you won’t get traffic immediately, combining proper content with promotion strategies like SEO, social media sharing, targeted emails, and paid advertising will help you to grow your audience quickly.

3. Making Money from Your Blog

Blog monetizing comes in different forms and most, if not all successful bloggers employ more than one strategy. Among the most popular methods is affiliate marketing, which entails blogging about a product and getting paid when your readers visit the seller’s website or buy the item. You could also try advertising by displaying CPC (cost-per-click) ads on your blog and getting paid every time someone clicks on them, or perhaps work directly with businesses to promote their products.

Some well-established bloggers make money through guest posts and sponsored content, where upcoming bloggers and advertisers pay to have their content published on popular blogs. Alternatively, if you have a product or service you’re willing to offer, you can use your new blog to reach customers and deliver worthy content.

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Most online bloggers opt to do it part-time, but that doesn’t say you cannot make a living with a blog. With enough passion, time, determination, and of course, a bit of luck, your chances of succeeding are pretty good.