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Buying A Refurbished Device? Keep This Checklist In Mind

The advent of refurbished products as a very attractive product category over the recent few years has turned the entire network more exciting for consumers, and possibly a little more complex for the organisations manufacturing these products. However, the refurbished market empowers the customer by making available otherwise luxurious and beyond-the-reach devices at more reasonable rates. With brands like Apple considering selling refurbished products and online platforms such as eBay and Amazon also in the race, the refurbished segment is increasing rapidly.

While the lower price points, the provision of warranties and the eco-friendly aspect make refurbished products prettyenticing, here is a complete checklist to keep in mind before you buy one.

Step 1 – Learn the difference between refurbished and used

We often confuse a refurbished product for a used one. While the typical used product is a device or an electronic being resold by an individual, the refurbished product is re-tooled by a certified refurbisher, carrying a warranty. This makes refurbished products a lot more trustworthy and suited for bulk or repeat purchases.

So if you’re looking to shop a refurbished laptop, mobile or any other electronic, do your homework and ensure that the seller is a certified dealer of refurbished products.

Make it a point to check reviews, ratings, and previous record to learn the authenticity of the supplier. We also advice you to stick to one genuine supplier instead of hoarding for various suppliers who offer even cheaper prices. At times, even stolen or misplaces products are sold in the refurbished market by fraud sellers.

Step 2 – Look for warranties and return policies

Simply put, a refurbished product is the one that is returned by a customer because it either has some damage or is exchanged for another brand. Such a product is then restored and repackaged by the companies for a fresh sale. Henceforth, it goes without saying that it’s important to check for a warranty cover while buying such devices. Read the policy terms and conditions thoroughly to check for any unwanted criteria or a red flag. At the least, a policy should cover a six-month period of warranty and a 30-day return policy.

Step 3 – Ask for the bill

We often tend to evade taxes and hence ditch the bill but this is one area where you might want to reconsider doing so. A refurbished product might come with a warranty but that warranty or return policy doesn’t hold true if you do not ask for the official bill. Always demand the bill and all the papers related to the warranty to escape buying a stolen or misplaced phone.

Step 4 – Test the condition of the electronic device

If you’re buying the device offline, it goes without saying that you must test run every feature of that device to check its condition. However, it becomes quite tricky while buying a refurbished product online. A number of websites providea grade or level to specify the device’s condition and appearance. A rating system is used in order to specify what shape the product is in. Say for instance, a “Stallone” rating at Back Market implies “Noticeable scratches, and maybe even some dents on the outside”

Step 5 – Look for all the accessories

It’s a no brainer that you must check that all the accessories provided by the supplier are original and in working condition. A few accessories you must look for are battery, charging device, SIM card, earphones, keyboard, packaging, stylus and instructions guide.

Step 6 – Always look for unlocked phones

Some sites like 2Gud offer refurnished phones that are locked to a specific foreign network. Buying unlocked phones makes sure that you are not bound to a specific network and can use your current one. Make it a point to also check the battery life of the device.

Step 7 –Have spare parts handy

Despite of having genuine policies and warranties, it is always advisable to have a spare charging device, a spare battery or even a spare phone in case your refurbished one starts acting out.

In the case of laptops, a spare SSD drive can save you a lot of hassle.

With our comprehensive checklist on buying refurbished devices, we hope you’ve gained the needful insights. So what are you waiting for? Get a good deal on that expensive handset you could never imagine buying on the original price tag. Do remember to check all the necessary details like price points, seller history, warranty and return policy. Don’t forget to share your experience and tips with us below.

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