cool car accesssories in 2019

Cool Car Accessories in 2019

Make your car work correctly by choosing the best battery and performing a proper maintenance.

How to choose the battery of your car?

Choosing the best battery and doing its proper maintenance is the key to the proper functioning of your car. With this guide we help you choose the right one. Good Automotive accessories are always useful for a new car.

When to replace the battery?

  • To determine if your battery is working properly you should check its status periodically.
  • To indicate the state of charge, some batteries have a built-in viewfinder or magical eye on top.
  • The green color means that your load is complete.
  • The white or transparent that needs to be charged.
  • The black needs to be replaced.
  • To obtain the battery voltage and capacity values, you just have to take the car to a Car Center, there you can determine if it has a useful life or if it is time for a change.

How to choose a new battery?

When choosing a new battery, you must always respect the technical instructions provided by the manufacturer. Amperage: The amperage is the amount of current that the battery can supply through the vehicle’s electrical systems. Using a battery with amperage lower than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer will cause engine starting problems and damage the accumulator. Both indications are on the battery in a self-adhesive. Also get detail from .

Types of batteries

Maintenance-free batteries

They are batteries that do not demand periodic reviews. Due to their technology they present very low levels of gasification and water loss, which ensures good operating conditions for a long time

Traditional or glasses batteries

They require frequent checks to maintain the level of electrolytes, as a part of water escapes in the form of gas during use. In case the vessels are low, they should be filled with distilled water

Find the right battery for your car

How to charge the battery?

Battery chargers

  • Using a battery charger is a slow process but it provides an even charge.
  • You must connect the terminals of the device to the terminals of the battery and then connect it to the electrical network.
  • The complete cycle lasts approximately five hours.
  • You can check the progress status in the indicator, usually analogous.

If it is an emergency

  • You can use battery cables to transfer electricity from one car to another.
  • After turning off the engines of both vehicles, the cables are connected as follows:
  • Red wire clamp to the positive (+) terminal of the discharged battery.
  • Red wire clamp to the positive terminal (+) of the battery that will deliver the charge.
  • Black cable clamp to the negative (-) terminal of the discharged battery.
  • Black cable terminal to the negative (-) of the battery that will deliver the charge.

Security advice

  • During the operation of passing battery with cables you must avoid with extreme care the contact of red clamps with the black ones (positive and negative).
  • Once the cables are installed to pass the current from one car to another, you must keep the donor car engine running for three minutes before contacting the receiving vehicle. The battery pass must be made without turning on the engine of the vehicle delivering the load.
  • If the car that receives it does not start or start after five or six attempts, it is advisable to call a crane to make the transfer and at the destination to disassemble the battery to recharge or replace it.

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