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Today We are Going to Help You Understand How To Connect Soundbar To Smart TV. Please Read This Until last and Do Let us Know if this Helps You.

These days, the thin design of TVs have been a style in every household. Customers want to seek high-end audio to match well with it. One of their choices is a soundbar which offers a special mix of good audio quality and simplicity.

However, like other speaker systems, it takes time and efforts to set a soundbar up for the first time. So, how to connect the soundbar to Smart TV? Let’s find out!

METHOD 1:- Using HDMI Port

The soundbar is a perfect solution to meet all of your audio needs. But before investing in one to take your home theater to the next level, we recommend you to opt for the best soundbar under $100. These models always support HDMI with ARC (Audio Return Channel). If your smart TV also supports ARC (in almost all cases), you can listen to the TV audio on the speaker. We’ll use one HDMI cable to set it up!

So far, connecting your TV to a soundbar with HDMI is the best way. That’s because one HDMI cable can deal with any sound system (5.1-7.1 surround sound or higher).

Note: Before starting up, you need to disable all types of TV speakers by powering off your soundbar, TV, and other external devices.

Here is the easiest way to set them up:

    • Find the port named HDMI ARC at the back of your TV.

Find the port named HDMI

    • Make sure you’re availing a high-speed HDMI cable that can support ARC and CEC control. This allows you to connect the soundbar to the TV.


    • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI output at the base of the soundbar.Connect another end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI input on your TV.

hdmi connected to tv

hdmi cable to soundbar

    • Press the ‘Power’ button on your soundbar or use a remote to turn it on.
    • powerbutton2


  • Note: If you’ve got a soundbar that easily brings out the virtual surround, then it’s more likely that it has HDMI inputs.

Method 2:- Using Optical Cable

What if your soundbar has none of the ARC input? In this case, just go for connecting it to your smart TV through an optical cable. This will help to transmit the digital audio signal to the TV or receiver, offering high-quality audio as you expect.

The benefit of availing the optical cable is the ease of use. There is only one cable that can be used to connect your soundbar to the TV. Besides, once you change any channel on the TV, this soundbar can play the best sound of what you’re watching on the TV. Remember to get rid of the protective tips on the given optical cable before you try to connect your soundbar.

Here is how to set them up:

    • Connect one end of the optical cable to the ‘Optical Digital In’ on the base of the soundbar.

hdmi to soundbar

    • Connect another end of the optical cable to the ‘Optical Digital Out’ on the TV or an external device.

connect one end of optical cable to tv

    • Press the ‘Source’ button on your speaker, or use a remote control.
    • powerbutton2


After you connect the optical cable from your TV to your soundbar successfully, all types of audio can be sent to the sound system and outputted via its speakers. You’ll enjoy the decent audio from any Blu-ray player, game console, and other device linked to your Smart TV.

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