The importance of security cameras in business premises cannot be overemphasized. Today, you are unlikely to find a business that does not have a robust surveillance system on site. When choosing security cameras for your business, there are a number of factors you need to consider in order to make the right decision.

1-Discreet versus visible cameras

Do you want discreet cameras or do you want them to be visible so that they can deter anyone with ill intentions? If you want the cameras to be visible, box cameras are a good pick since they are big and conspicuous; there is no chance anyone can miss them. If you want the cameras to be discreet, you are better off going for dome cameras as they are small in size and therefore easy to hide. The wireless remote IP security cams at are also great if you want discreet cameras.

2-Do you need cameras for use indoors or outdoors?

While most cameras today can be used both indoors and outdoors, you need to determine where you will use the cameras so that you can choose suitable ones. For outdoor cameras, you need to think about things such as where you will mount them and housing to protect them from the elements. Additionally, extreme temperatures may affect the functioning of the cameras. Therefore, you may need to buy cameras with inbuilt heaters so that they can work optimally during winter.

3-The size of the area you need the cameras to cover

When Choosing Security Cameras

If you need the cameras to cover a large area, you need to invest in cameras that have a wider field of view. You will also need more cameras than if you only needed them to cover a small area. If you need the cameras for a small area, static cameras will serve you well.


This will be determined by the size of the area you need the cameras to cover. If the cameras are going to cover a large area, they should have high resolution so that the images are clear even when you zoom in. But for small areas, it is not a must for the cameras to have high resolution.

5-The lighting conditions

In order to determine the right cameras to use, you will need to test different ones to see which are suitable for use in the lighting conditions at your business premises. Alternatively, you can buy cameras which automatically adjust their settings to suit the lighting conditions.


When Choosing Security Cameras

As a business, you are probably going to want to expand your operations and this means you may need more cameras. You do not want to have to install a whole new surveillance system when this happens. This is why scalability is important. Traditional CCTV systems are hard to scale and may therefore not be suitable for your growing business needs. Invest in a wireless surveillance system so that you can easily scale it to suit your changing needs.