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India ranks among the largest e-commerce markets in the world. In 2017, e-commerce in India crossed the US$ 38.5 billion mark while this year, it is expected to touch US$ 50 billion. By the year 2025, India’s e-commerce is projected to stand at whopping US$ 200 billion.

Similar to other countries, e-commerce in India consists of two segments: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). The proliferation of the Internet, especially through smart-phones connected to Fourth Generation (4G) networks is the main contributor to e-commerce boom in this country.

What This Means-

These figures imply that every stakeholder in e-commerce industry will benefit. For businesses, it means increased business while consumers will benefit from lower prices due to stiff competition among online retailers.

Businesses buying online will have a better choice of technologies at affordable rates. However, the biggest beneficiaries will be courier companies that can ensure swift delivery of goods ordered online.

Already Amazon delivers a bulk of its orders through its own Amazon Transportation Service in India. Homegrown online store Flipkart is giving franchises to courier companies who can deliver orders efficiently and swiftly. Should you have an e-commerce business, either B2B or B2C, here are top five courier companies you may consider for tie-ups to deliver goods.

five ecommerce companies

Logistics Post –

By every standard Logistics Post is the best courier service in this country. It is a service offered by India Post. Logistic Posts delivers to 154,797 PIN codes in India through a network of about 160,000 post offices located across the country, including in remote rural areas.

Logistic Post was launched by India Post especially to cater to the booming e-commerce sector of this country. Logistic Post is most popular among e-commerce sellers who need to deliver orders to areas that are not served by any other courier or logistics company.

As an autonomous organization of the Indian government, India Post offers unparalleled warehousing facilities and can also access transport services of Indian Railways and state transport corporations, Air India and other Indian registered airlines as well as warehouses

owned by Central and state government organizations. Logistics Post offers the whole range of solutions for e-commerce companies at unbeatable prices.

Blue Dart Express Ltd –

Blue Dart ranks as the most preferred courier company by every major online seller in India. It ranks as the topmost courier and integrated package distribution company in South Asia and is a division of global logistics major DHL.

Packages containing fragile and high-value goods including expensive smart-phones and jewelry are usually sent through Blue Dart since the company has an excellent track record of handling such shipments with care.

The company also operates the eponymous Blue Dart Aviation that owns a fleet of freighter aircraft. Packages collected and processed by evening are dispatched by night on board these aircraft for deliveries in the morning.

In India, Blue Dart covers over 35,000 locations in India and over 220 countries and territories across the globe.

Delhivery Pvt. Ltd

Delhivery trace its humble roots to May 2011 when it started as a small courier company that delivered packages within New Delhi and the National Capital Region. In 2017, Delhivery made e-commerce deliveries to more than 1,200 cities and town across India, handling over 100 million shipments that consisted of 35,000 different products.

Delivery services over 150,000 sellers in India. The company owes its runaway success to the boom of e-commerce in this country and the demand for speedy delivery services.

Consequently, Delhivery has rapidly expanded its facilities and increased staff strength over the last seven years, while investing heavily in modern technologies required by e-commerce vendors of the country.

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Vichare Express & Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Mumbai-based Vichare Express & Logistics Pvt. Ltd is emerging rapidly as a formidable player in e-commerce deliveries in India. The company was founded in December 1996. The company has over 70 branches across the country and has over 1,800 employees. Vichare Express & Logistics Ltd has carried over 20 million consignments to hundreds of locations in India.

As part of its expansion program to provide faster deliveries across India, the company is franchising its operations in various states. Vichare Express & Logistics also allows e-commerce outlets to popularize their brands by advertising on T-shirts worn by more than 1,400 delivery crew that operates across the country.

Aramex –

Aramex is a multinational company (MNC) with extensive operations across India. It is based in the United Arab Emirates and Aramex stocks are listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

To cater to the growing needs of India’s e-commerce sector, Aramex offers various solutions for shipment, returns and cash-on-delivery collection for orders placed by customers. Additionally, Aramex offers seamless integration between its processes and e-commerce platforms such as Magneto Extension, OpenCart Extension, and Shopify App.

Keeping in mind a large number of startup ventures opening in India, Aramex offers customized services for smaller vendors and newcomers to e-commerce at affordable rates.

You can deliver within India through Aramex and its franchise network as well as in foreign countries, through its extensive worldwide operations.

In Conclusion

There are several more giant MNCs that operate in India and offer customized solutions for e-commerce sector of this country. They include UPS (formerly called United Parcel Service) and FedEx (Federal Express).

These MNCs are eyeing an expansion of their operations in India to cater to the booming e-commerce segment. Further, several startup courier companies have mushroomed across India to offer delivery services on a franchise basis to e-commerce sellers.

You can select the courier company that best suits your budget and requirements for e-commerce.