If you use Instagram, you probably want to make and post great videos to promote your channel, attract new followers and get more likes. I’m not a professional video editor, but using Instagram, I learned something that I’d like to share with you.

Of course, the 1st thing to do is to come up with a plot idea. It may be just a set of beautiful frames, but if there is a sense in what is happening; its certain consistency and consistency, then such a video will look better.

Let me give an example. Imagine I am a surfer and make a video about my skating. Then you can make a plot like this: you prepared, went into the water, did some tricks, went out. It is very simple. If you want to show how you went to the hairdresser, you can do about the same. Just keep the chronology of events. There should be a clear line from the beginning to the end.

Tip one

The more interesting is your idea, the more interesting it’s to watch your video. It seems pretty easy to understand, but many users forget about this rule and take videos without any sense.
First of all, I advise you not to shoot a video on the phone. Since everyone loves good quality pictures, the easiest option is to use an action camera. Now they give extremely cool shooting quality. Of course, you can take a masterpiece on your phone, but it is very difficult. Most videos with thousands of likes are made with high-quality equipment. There is one more tip about quality to follow.

Tip two

The higher the quality of the shooting, the better the final video will be.
Even if you are shooting non-stop, then change the angles and plans. It always looks more advantageous. Besides, a video shot from one angle or with only one plan might seem boring.

high quality vid

Tip three

Shoot not only the process but also the details, the environment, etc. This is called overlapping. As well as a variety of angles, overlapping will help you make the video more interesting. Let’s get back to the previous example with the hairdresser. Shoot a close-up of the master, your friends, other visitors, scissors, things on the background, etc.

Tip four

Dilute the main action with cut-ins. There are a lot of programs you can use to edit your videos. Among the professional ones, you can find Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. Even GoPro has its special installation program. If these tools are way too difficult for you, you may start with more user-friendly software like Freemake Video Converter. This software has a built-in video editor with the help of which you can combine videos (how-to), cut the moments that you don’t want to be in the final video, rotate wrongly shot clips, and so on.
A video for Instagram is limited to 60 seconds. It’s good and bad at the same time. From one point of view, in 15 seconds you can bring a lot of information to a person. Try to use 55-60 frames in the video. If each frame is different, it will create a feeling of a greater length of the video. It’s pretty much clear because you showed up to 60 different pictures and accordingly gave more information.  The more frames, the longer the video is perceived.

Tip five

Try to keep each frame approximately one second long. Less time is almost always wrong. In half a second the pic just flashes, and the person does not even have time to catch it. You can set a longer duration, but don’t forget about the time limit. One more time: each frame must last at least a second for a person to see it.

Tip six

If you have similar frames of different sizes, you can insert them in a row. Each of them might last for 0.7 seconds. In total, in one and a half second two frames will give the effect of one more complete frame.

Tip seven

The selection of music is essential. Videos where music and editing are consistent looks much better. Choose a good track that will highlight the action in your video. For example, if a video about your meditation, playing punk rock will not look great. And vice versa, if you play sports, slow and relaxing music won’t suit it. Music should emphasize the process.

music editing is essential

Tip eight

When you are more or less determined with what and in what sequence you want to see in your video, you will need to decide on the track. If the music emphasizes the action well, then you need to go to the final merge. There can be different moments in the song, but it is important that the montage coincides with the rhythm of the music. Try to get into the beat, change the rhythm, etc. as much as possible, and then the video will look professional. Framing must fit the selected music. Use any good video editor to combine video with a music line to merge particular video moments with song lyrics or a specific part.

Tip nine

Use high-quality tracks for your video. You can easily spoil the result if you choose a song with a low bitrate. If possible, get high-quality music from free sources or download a track from YouTube.
Hope these nine simple tips helped to get into Instagram video shooting. If you already post videos to your account, what other tips do you use?