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Branding is a critical aspect of every business as it’s what communicates purpose, personality, and products. A brand’s message can be conveyed using any combination of logos, color-schemes, catchphrases, and customer service, all of which come together to form a brand’s unique identity. This identity becomes what clients come to expect when they patronize your business or visit your website and social media profiles. Especially in today’s world where businesses and advertising are saturating social media, customers are now constantly aware of brand messaging, making it important to establish a positively-memorable brand identity across all of your social media channels.

Increase your brand search engine visibility

Creating a consistent brand identity across social platforms helps your business register in the minds of customers, current and prospective, increasing the likelihood that they perform a Google search for your brand. Subsequently, search engine algorithms pick up on the phrases users search when looking for your brand online, and begin to associate your brand with those particular keywords. The higher your website and social media channels rank in search engine results directly correlates to an increase in web traffic and conversion rates, and in turn brand awareness.

Make your brand memorable

With such a wealth of businesses advertising services and products on social media, many current and prospective customers suffer from saturation fatigue and are unable to remember brands that lack a strong social media presence and consistent identity. A good measure of consistency goes a long way in helping to make your brand memorable. One core tenant of creating brand awareness is keeping your messaging and identity simple. Consistent color schemes and succinct, to-the-point advertising on social media platforms goes a long way in keeping customers interested and aware of your brand.


Build customer loyalty

An consistent and established brand identity helps a company build customer loyalty and trust by creating a mental connection between a product or service, a company’s presentation. One method of implanting this impression in customers is by having a strong and consistent presence on all social media platforms. This kind of connection helps the business develop a long-term relationship with a wide range of customers, leading to better customer loyalty.

The importance of graphics

One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive brand message is with the use of graphics, as prospective customers respond most quickly to what they see. For most established businesses, employing the services of a graphic design team is standard. However, for budding businesses and startups who may not have the resources to pay graphic designers, the best way to go about creating graphics for branding is by using more affordable tools. For example, the Instasize photo/video editing app makes it easy for new and up-and-coming businesses to create a professional looking graphics.


Instasize allows those with little time, energy or know-how for graphic design to have access to professional level, creative graphic design in seconds. In addition to a range of helpful features, including collages, editable typographic designs, and social media templates, Instasize’s ease-of-use makes it perfect for building a cohesive brand identity through professional level graphics.

Create an identity bigger than yourself

A lot of business owners run businesses centered on themselves rather than the business. If the goal of the business owner is to become a public figure, then this is fine, but if the goal is to generate consistent growth, innovation, and brand loyalty, then a company’s brand identity should be constantly developed on social media and other internet platforms.

Despite the obvious importance of establishing a strong brand identity, a lot of businesses don’t invest much time or capital, merely stringing together social profiles devoid of ‘life’ and passing little or no information on to customers about the driving passion behind their business. Sharing your passions with customers is easily one of the best ways to inspire loyalty and identity.

There are a plethora of social media channels where brands can engage with prospective customers: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. Even though a lot of brands seem to be recognizing the ever-increasing importance of a social media presence for their business, not all are successful at leveraging it to create a cohesive brand narrative. For a business to carry out a successful branding campaign, they must maintain a consistent brand identity across their digital channels. A consistent brand identity is integral in separating a brand from the competition, especially since most companies have similar brand promotion strategies; so the only way to stand out is by being consistent.

Branding consistency requires preparation, active experimentation, and commitment by everyone involved. Ensure those who are a part of your social media efforts understand its importance in maintaining the business’s identity.