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Guide to Creating a Website for Your Electrical Contracting Business

Are you an electrical contractor? If you only rely on word-of-mouth to get business, you need to rethink your marketing plan.

Digital marketing is taking over and your competitors are seeing results. 46% of small businesses don’t have a website, which means 54% of businesses do.

If you don’t have a website, creating a website is a great first step in creating a digital marketing strategy. Even though you’re not a website developer, the modern digital landscape makes website creation easier than ever before.

If you’re interested in creating a website for your business, read this guide that’s perfect for an electrical contractor.

Know Whether You Will Try DIY or Professional

Before you take any measures in creating your website, you should know if you will create it yourself or with help from a professional. Here’s more information on both options.

Creating a Website DIY

With CMS programs, creating your own website is easier than ever. This method is cost-effective and you’ll have a beautiful and responsive website.

CMS stands for content management system. You can easily control many aspects of your website including your content, design, services, and contact information.

The first thing you’ll do is choose which CMS platform you want to use. Here are the most common options:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Weebly

WordPress is the most popular option. The other three also come with a myriad of benefits.

Squarespace helps you create a professional website with a small price tag. The service is packed with features and design options. However, it takes a while to learn the editing system.

Wix also has many design options, a convenient drag-and-drop editor, and comes with complimentary 24/7 support.

Weebly offers a simpler yet flexible design and customization. All Weebly sites are responsive, meaning they’re optimized for all devices.


If you truly want a state-of-the-art website, you’ll need professional assistance. A pro can custom-code your website and implement the design you want. This comes with a hefty price tag but you’ll be sure you get the website you want.

However, there are ways to save money with a pro. You can use a CMS platform and get with a web designer or go for any website hosting or management option of a designer’s choice. Services such as  LinkNow web designoffer this flexibility.

Get a Domain Name

Now that you decided how you will create your website, it’s time to handle the smaller details of a website.

Start with your domain name. Your domain name is your website’s signifier and the URL that your website visitors will enter in the address bar.

How do you come up with a domain name? Start with your company name. Do you want to use your legal business name or your trade name? See if these options are available.

What if you just want your own name? If you plan on using your personal name, be sure you add terms such as “contractor” or “electric contracting” so your domain name is more specific to your industry.

Choose a Hosting Platform

While many CMS platforms allow you to sign up directly on their websites, it’s beneficial to sign up with a separate hosting provider.

Web hosting takes your data and releases it into the world while storing it. Many web hosting platforms even offer additional security options.

There are many hosting options. Popular ones such as BlueHost also come with WordPress.

Create Your Content and Information

You can’t have a blank website. Your website needs to provide something for the user. This is where content comes in.

Start by listing out your services. Offer a brief description of each one. Keep your customers in mind.

You need to explain what the service is and who potentially needs them. Avoid using technical or nichey jargon — your clients need to understand what you’re talking about.

Another way to use content is by blogging. This not only provides additional education but blogging also boosts your SEO status.

Write short blogs about different aspects of an electrician’s role. Provide advice and education, such as knowing when you need an electrician or common problems with electrical systems.

Other great examples of content include your contact information and an “about you” section.

Choose Your Web Design

Your web design serves as your website aesthetics but also your functionality. While your website vision may not fully come to life, you should at least have an idea of what you want your website to look like.

The way you go about your web design depends on how you created your website. If you used a CMS platform, every major CMS system provides themes and templates to easily choose a design.

The best way to find these memes is by searching popular theme websites, designer portfolios, and even doing a Google search. For example, you can search a phrase for something like “best WordPress themes for electricians.”

If you’re hiring a designer, you need to discuss the aspects of your design. You shouldn’t only consider aesthetic aspects such as the color and page layout. Think about what design aspects will make your website user-friendly.

Additional Tips

Now that you know how to create your website, here are additional tips to help get you started.

Ensure Collaborators Who Will Work with You

Whether it’s your web designer or your hosting platform, ensure your collaborators will be there for you.

Choose a hosting company that offers constant support and troubleshooting. Only choose a web designer if they have a great reputation and a powerful portfolio.

Do Everything for Your Clients

This was mentioned previously, but it’s important to emphasize it. Everything you do should be for your clients.

It’s easy to want to design for your own liking. But your customers will be the ones navigating your website and deciding if they want to hire you.

Optimize your website for results. Focus on user-friendly design. Ensure your website looks great on all devices.

Creating a Website for Your Business: It’s Easier Than You Expect

Creating a website for your business isn’t so hard, right? An electrician just needs to know the right tools and have the skills.Click here for more digital marketing advice

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