There is a phrase repeated in every sales preparation speech, annual meetings, and is also a sure method to keep hold of your customers; the phrase is ‘the customer is always right’. Even after so much emphasis and reminders, the thought goes lost as a company operates and delves deeper into the market. Imagine you got hold of a few customers by delivering an excellent product and exceptional customer service; they get that ‘wow’ feeling which only a few companies are able to give in this day of competitiveness and money-mongering.

Now you have made a standard of your services and though the customer might think that you are the best choice for the services they require, you are never allowed to go lower than the bar even if you work really hard on maintaining those standards. The customers switch very easily to other providers in this day and age, and if the same dish isn’t served, you will be losing what you worked so hard for.

‘The customer is always right’, this philosophy remains strong even today, It might be that the customers are asking for something extra which you hadn’t talked about earlier, you must be sure to give the customer what they want even if it costs you a bit extra for only a company that keeps its customers happy can survive and grow in the market; no other strategy is as true and useful as this one. Here are a few suggestions you can use to bind those customers to your company:

1. Surveying the Target Market-

You will need to dip in your budget to find out what the customer is looking for, if other providers are giving a satisfactory service, and what can you do to provide an even better product and service to make it your USP. For this, you will have to research on the market you are targeting, your competitors and what they have achieved, and figure out what exactly is it that the customer wants most from a provider such like yourself. Is it a cheap price, a quality product, or brilliant and helpful after-sales service; these are the questions to ponder before making a move for your company. A startup can provide incentives to potential customers to fill-in information or can pay a Market Research firm to get hands on information. All in all, there will be loads of information required before setting the target, budget, price of your product, and the value-additions you are giving.

analysing survey

2. Data Analytics-

Established companies have tons of data lying without being used properly. As the way of doing business has evolved; loads of companies are spending more and more on data analytics to gain an edge over its competitors and providing better service than they already are. Two things are required here, loads of data and proper analysis of it. If you do not have a target set with regards to what you want with the data, you will not be able to make good use of it and gain any sort of insight in the service you are providing. From internet giants like Google to football clubs like FC Barcelona, data science is being put to use in ways that one could not even imagine. For a startup, this will be a problem as there isn’t much data they have to make use of it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it is required to be patient, run a small shop, provide the service which your customers so much value, and keep on collecting the data to dig deeper into the market and establish your brand’s name.

3. Work on Your Product and Service-

This is Marketing 101 and should be one of the pillars of what your company strives to do. You can never stop working and improving upon your product and service. Technology has evolved and so have the marketing tactics. Companies are always innovating and being creative with what they are offering to keep a hold over their customer base and shake off any trying to lure their customers away. If you stop working on your product and services, you will become a static and a have-been in the market. In this globalized world, there are tons of players in the market, each willing to go the distance the other company hasn’t covered.  I suggest you keep pace with the market and competition, and add any value additions there could be to your product. You will see that each year, companies take out a bigger budget for Research and Development, IT companies, car companies, and cellphone companies spend more to keep that edge we have talked about.

improve your product or service

4. Connecting with Customers-

Companies spend a lot on building and maintaining relations with customers. I read a study where it was mentioned that 53% of customers switch away from a company for lack of customer-engagement and personalization. If you do not know the name of your regular customers, there is a problem with your customer service and a need to make it somewhat informal.  A customer loves it when the service is warm and friendly, a listening ear and a helpful hand is what makes the customer trusts a service provider. Amazon is known for its excellent customer service. OnlineAssignmentWriting sends out emails to students on their birthday and reach out to understand how they are doing academically. They also have a customer service which is warm and friendly to the apprehensive students.  One way to provide and cultivate a culture of excellent customer engagement is to connect with your employees the same way and to treat them the way you would treat a customer; this would instill a sense of engagement with the company from the employee and that will reflect in how they treat the customers and keep them engaged. All in all, happy employees lead to happy customers.