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Develop your business with Instagram tools

If you are struggling to promote your business online, you surely have not tried using Instagram yet. The social media channel that attracts over 75% of internet users under 30-years old can boost your sales and enhance brand awareness to help you maximize your profits. While you can get a few steps ahead of the competition and use InstaGrowing to reach success early, you can also follow this easy guide on how to grow your enterprise with Insta tools!

Create a shopping campaign

The easiest way to advertise your business on Instagram is to create a shopping campaign where you promote the products and services in your offer. Old and new followers can visit this page that also acts as an online shop and browse through the selection of goods that you have on display.

Make sure that you post high-quality pictures of every product. Additionally, you should add redirecting stickers that can send potential customers to the checkout page. This nice feature is easy to implement even by new-entry users, and it can serve as a reference point for all your future campaigns.

Promote your products in video clips

Posting images about your products may not be enough to attract clients to your shop. Nowadays, more and more Instagram users value video content over photos and written text. Fortunately, you can easily record short clips of your products and services with your smartphone, edit them with Instagram tools and post them on your IG page.

Videos can offer more information in a few seconds of footage that you can present in several photos. You can provide users with “how it works” tutorials or “unboxing” clips that give an in-depth explanation about what they will get with their purchase. Again, making videos with Instagram is fairly easy and you only need a few tries to master the innovative tools that come with the app.

Make the most of Instagram Stories

Instagram comes with several features that you can use to boost the online appeal of your business. One of these features is Instagram Story, which helps you put together videos, images, and stickers to engage users in entertaining posts.

You can use Instagram Stories to provide daily updates about your company and your brand. Most users enjoy watching these short-lived clips (they only last for 24 hours), and some follow up the links that you should provide, and which should lead to your shop or your website.

Instagram Stories work their magic when you have a lot of followers. You may choose to pay for Instagram likes and get the attention of other users who have not yet subscribed to your account. The more impressions you have on your posts and story the bigger your online visibility will be.

Tag products in your image posts

If you are still learning how to use Instagram to grow your business, you are probably just posting photos at the moment. This method is not a bad strategy for a start, but there are a few tweaks and turns that you can use to make these image posts be more effective.

In this regard, you should use the tagging feature for every photograph you upload and tag one of your products. Users who click the respective stickers are redirected to your shop or your website where they can make a purchase or find out more about your company and your services.

Listen to your followers

Instagram is not a unidirectional platform. It is a social media channel that enables you to stay in touch with your customers and use their feedback to improve your services and your products. Make good use their impressions to improve online visibility and assure your followers that you represent a flexible business.

A good way of collecting feedback from your admirers is to post polls and questions in your Instagram Stories. These features allow you to understand if the way you advertise your products is on the same page with what potential customers look for or require.

The Bottom Line

All in all, developing your business with the help of Instagram tools is not difficult or expensive. If you give it time, this social media platform can easily become the main advertising venue for your products and services.

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