Digital marketing has progressed and evolved into an in-depth field back from when Google was launched and complex algorithms were put in for web searches to make searches more personalized. Soon, digital marketing started to be included and taught in management schools and colleges. As technology has improved and evolved dramatically, digital marketing has grown into a much more diversified subject as technology has opened up vast expanses to make steads in. It will keep on developing as each year, more users are available to target through digital marketing. There is so much more to it now than keyword stuffing and link spamming.

1. Social Networking and messaging applications-

Social networking keeps on gaining more users each year. Instagram has reached 1 Billion users from 800 million recorded last year. Platforms like Facebook, Wechat, and Twitter see an increasing number of followers each year. In effect, it has made social media as one of the biggest platforms to market a product or service. These platforms allow a company to target users based on their age, location, and multiple other criteria. This is one of the biggest advantages these platforms offer to marketers which other platforms just wouldn’t be able to provide. This is sort of targeted marketing is what advertisers crave for.  Facebook has even allotted a platform to businesses where they can target users by selecting a range of criteria and making use of the resources, they can also test their ads using the platform and make records of the progress.

2. Video advertising-

You can go to any prominent market place in big cities, and you will find electronic billboards allowing playing video ads. This is a benefit of technology, an advertisement that makes the viewer’s eyes go at it. It is the same with video marketing in digital media. Brands create ads to show testimonials, how-to’s, and showcase its product or service. YouTube has more than a billion users now and many companies have already flocked there and paid YouTube to show an ad as that will get them tons of views. Video advertisements have a lasting effect on viewers and research has shown that 39% of the people will call up the company after watching a video. Video advertising is the future of advertising as videos go shorter and there is a race to fill up content and being informative in a clear way and gaining users.

video ads

3. Image advertising-

Applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest allow a company to use images for advertising its products. There are more than a billion people on these social apps and could definitely find their target market somewhere in there with fine research and targeting.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is most definitely true when it comes to posting an image for this short-of-attention short-span-of-attention generation. It is much easier to connect with users on these applications and test your advertisements. It also allows for sponsored advertisements that you can use to target users or you can go the organic way and grow slowly.

4. Influencer Marketing-

On each social media platform, you will find influencers. Influencer is someone who has a lot of followers on these platforms and posts interesting content daily. Companies and people try to connect with such influencers as one link with their posts can increase the viewership exponentially and benefit the image of company or the brand. Few influencers also take money to advertise a product while others may refuse for fear of hurting their image. Companies share the influencer’s content daily and try to market him/her in aim to make connections; that is one way to get on their list of contacts. You will first have to figure out the target and then look for the influencer accordingly, it might be that the influencer has 17 year olds as followers but you are targeting men above the age of 30.

5. Chat boxes-

In this day of personalization and talking to customers on first-name basis, automated chats wouldn’t be advised. But, for any huge company and brand, it will be beneficial. It isn’t feasible to employ customer support services when you are serving millions and most of all that is needed is not cajoling and smooth-talk but clear information regarding the services.  Uber and Medtronics employ automated services because users are only looking for quick answers and services and not for long talks. It might be that the user is asking for such information which the chatbot isn’t able to properly answer to, phone numbers must be provided in case of such queries so there isn’t any issue.

6. Voice Search-

It is said that 50% of the voice searches by 2020 will be voice searches. You must be aware of Iphone’s Siri by now and Android Google voice searches. You must also be aware of Alexa by now; voice searches are the new rage as when it would be a much easier tool to search than to type it. When it was first introduced, mis-searches were common as the technology hadn’t evolved much; you say one thing and the results would be for some other category. It was not feasible to focus on voice search advertising at that time but now it is so, it is required to put in keywords that are easy to pronounce and used most commonly.

voice search

7. Email marketing-

One survey has revealed that 53% of companies have never tried personalization of customer-engagement with the users. Companies are spending more and more on personalizing their engagement with the customers. That is one way to gain hold over the customer base and influencing people to choose them over others.  BestOnlineAssignmentHelp used this way to engage with their customers and keep hold of them. Email marketing is still huge in use and will continue to be so in the future.