Hello Everyone,’

Ever heard about SnapChat? Most probably you have heard about that application as it is a texting application. Actually, it is not a real texting application rather it is a photo sharing application. A lot of people also use  snapchat emojis on their mobile phones irrespective of their age or gender. Even if it is a teen or a celebrity or a government official, almost everyone is having SnapChat on their smartphones.

snapchat photo sharing app

Usually, you download this application from Play Store but if you have removed Play Store from your device by mistake or you are not able to download the application from there then you can easily download the APK for SnapChat and install It on your Android Smartphone without any hassle! So grab a cup of coffee and learn how to download SnapChat APK and install it.

Steps to download:-

    • Before you begin to install SnapChat on your mobile phone, make sure that you download the SnapChat APK from here.
    • Once you have successfully downloaded the SnapChat APK, copy it to your Android Smartphone with the help of a USB Cable.
    • After you have successfully moved the APK file from your computer to your Smartphone, open the app drawer in your phone.
    • You can also download the SnapChat APK in your phone itself, this will prevent you from doing the excess work of copying the file from your computer to your Smartphone.
    • Once you are having the SnapChat APK on your phone, open the app drawer and tap on File Manager.
    • Once you open the File Manager, navigate to the place where you copied SnapChat APK from your computer.


In case you download the APK on your phone then it will be found under the download folder.

    • After you open the place where the application has been stored, tap on the APK file to install the application.
    • If you are going to install an APK file for the first time on your Smartphone, you will get a warning which will advise you not to install the applications downloaded from unknown sources.
    • To install the snapchat APK, we need to override it. To do so, go to settings, and then allow installation of applications downloaded from unknown sources.
    • Once you have enabled that option, go back to file manager and tap on the APK file to install the application

install snapchat app

  • SnapChat will start installing. Once it has completed installation you will get two options; Done and Open.
  • Press Open. And there you go! You have successfully installed SnapChat APK on your Smartphone.


With the help of SnapChat APK file, you can easily install the application on your phone even if you don’t have the access to the Play Store. Installing SnapChat through APK file is really easy if you follow the steps mentioned above. But still if you are getting any problem in the above-mentioned procedure, just simply write your problem in the comment section below and we will try our best to help you out with that problem.