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It Seems Like Facebook Is Reading the Mind Of Prime Minister Of India “Narendra Modi”. As Modi Promotes Aadhar Card to Be Attached to major Government Services. Now Facebook May Need Aadhaar Card For All Its New Users. Right Now They are just Testing it With limited Users.

All They Asking is Aadhar Name For Now Not the Aadhar Number But s We All know How The World Works In Future They may ask everybody to Verify their Accounts using their Aadhar Number.

This is Where Tech Kings Like Facebook, Linkedin and Amazon Got it All Wrong. They Are Multinational Firm But They Are Not a Government Body to Ask Such Information. By Only Doing Verification In India They have Insulted Indian People Like They have said it to Our Face That Indian Lives And Privacy Won’t Matter To Them.

As a Tech Blogger, We Know That That Make Billions Of Dollars From Us And They Abuse Thier Rights using the Support And Money They have Got.

One Can See these Patterns have Become Common Where Every Other Firm think of them As The Ruler of World And Kind Of Lives.

We Can’t Be sure But Seems Like  Mark Zuckerberg has finally Learned Something In His last Meeting with Indian Prime minister.

Jokes Apart, We All Know Since Indians are One of the Biggest Users of Facebook Worldwide. the Latest Report Says Facebook has  More Than 241 Million Users From India in 2017. This Country has Become huge Marketplace For Facebook.

Facebook Has Decided to Test The Account Verification on Whole New Level. Now Soon It May Be Possible that Facebook Will Need Adhar Card Verification for All New Users. As Facebook Team has Confirmed That Right Now it is Only Being Test for Very Limited Users And They are Just Requesting the Adhar Name For Now.


If You Go And Try to Open a new Account You Might See the Prompt Asking for Aadhar name. Don’t Worry As Facebook Says it’s Not Mandatory Yet. this News was First Reported On Reddit By Thier Users.

Lets Just Assume Facebook has Already Launched this feature And Made Aadhar Card Mandatory

These Are Pro And Cons That Might Happen –

  • This Action Of Facebook May Put An End to Fake Profiles Of So-Called “Angel Priya” Type Of Accounts. it has Been Know That few People Use Fake Facebook Profile to Cheat And Blackmail Each other. A lot of Crimes has been Reported Where Somebody has used facebook fake Profile As a tool. This Action of Facebook Can out End to all of that. This is Something We Can Say Facebook is Helping People to be Social And Responsible. It Will Also Help Facebook to Build its Trust Parameters.
  • A Report Says that every day There Are a lot of crime Cases Where People has been Found Using fake Social Profiles So Lovers Can Relax in Upcoming future they May be Talking to The Real Person.

Now Facebook Will Need Aadhaar Card To Open New Accounts

Good Job Facebook

  • While We Are  Pleased this Action of facebook may  Help Build  Social Transparency We Should Not Forget that It Also Raises Serious Question about Our Privacy. Few Days Back Amazon has Also Demand Aadhar Number. There has been Already so much fuss About government Linking Various Services to Mandatory Adhar Card.

in the Reported Unfortunate Incident that Took Place in  JHARKHAND (State Of India ) Where An Indian Family Didn’t Get the Grains From government Distribution Shop Because They Didn’t have the Mandatory Aadhaar Card And because of that 11 Years Old Named Santoshi Died Of Hunger. We Pray And Feel Bad For Santoshi But let’s Not get Distracted.

A Tribute to Santoshi And Shame on Government

We All Know That Facebook has Already Taken Average 1 Hour From Our Real Social Life By Making us More Social.

It is a Fact that Nobody Is Going to Die Because they are not Able to use Facebook But we Also Admit That lot of people has been Addicted to Online Social World.

One Must Know that By Using our Adhar Number They may Access Confidential Information Which Can be Good for Our National Security Or Individual Privacy.

Why Should We Trust Facebook With Aadhaar Number Which Will be Linked to Our Phone Number, Banking Account, And All Other Services,

Dictatorship Of Tech Giants –

Friends, We All know these Giants Firms Like Facebook, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn Are World Known Brand But that Doesn’t Allow Them Impose Anything As this Action Can Crate Threat to Our Privacy Right Given by Constitution.

Right Now they are just being Polite and Asking for Simple things But Let us Remind them That We Indians May not be Super Rich but in our country we Celebrate Democracy and We Tear apart Even the Government Who thinks that They Can Sell Us.

Let us Remind You all tech Kings That without Indians You Just Don’t Exist So Stop Disrespecting People By asking the id. Using Social Media is Just An Hobby Or Fun Don’t Try to make it as a Privilege.

Dictatorship Of Tech Giants

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Let the People Decide That Are they Going to Welcome this Dictatorship of tech giants Like Facebook And Amazon.

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