Fix D-Link Wireless Stopped Working
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Fix D-link Wireless Stopped Working All Of the Sudden

Hello Everybody,

Dear D-link users, Are you having Trouble Getting Your Dlink Router To Work?  Is Your Dlink Router is Not Working?
If Answer is Yes than This Article is Just for You. This Peace of Informative Medicine May Helps You Save Most of the d-link router Problems Such as – Internet Connectivity, Troubleshooting Dlink router, Etc.

Lets Just Not make it Rocket science and Get Directly to the point Where we Fix Dlink Wireless Router.

First We Must Understand The Real Cause of the Problem That’s Why we need you to Perform basic Troubleshooting Steps First.

Dlink Router Basic Troubleshooting –

Tip – We would Advice you Please Perform Restart To Your Router And Modem Every once in a while

Friends, Router And Modem Both Are electronic Devices and Sometimes they Get overheat Because of there Non stop Working. It Is also Quite Possible That Your Dlink Router is working But Not Getting Internet From Backend.
Side Means Your Internet Service Provider might Be having some difficulty to Get you the internet.
Try to See Internet Light on Your Modem Before Blaming Your Dlink router For Not working. See if the Router is The Victim And Internet Service Provider is the real culprit On This Matter is Your internet service Provider.
You must Not Perform Any steps Unless You do these Steps.
Just to Be Clear Power Cycling is the Most Common Troubleshooting Step And we have a Unique Way of Doing it Right.

basic troubleshooting in dlink

Please Follow Our Lead –

  1. Please Restart Your Modem Wait for 30 Seconds Than Restart Your Router And Wait 1 min Than Restart Your Computer And Wait 2 min.
  2. Now Go Back to Your internet Connection Bar And See if You Can Connect Your System with your Dlink Wireless Router.

Don’t You Worry if these Steps Do Not work We have Some Major Steps You Might Wanna Perform Before You Gave Up On Your Dlink wireless Router.

Please Find a Tiny Paperclip Or Pen Because We are Going to Reset Your Dlink router.

Reset Dlink wireless Router –

  1. Look at the back of your Dlink wireless Router And Look for Reset Key Or Tine Hole at the Back of your Dlink wireless Router.
  2. Power On Your Dlink router And Press the Reset Key. Keep Holding the Reset Key for at least 30-40 seconds Unless You See All light Blinking Together.

reset dlink router
Once the Reset it Done Please let go of your Reset Key And Restart Your Dlink wireless router.
Now your Dlink router has Been Reset to Factory Default Settings.

Please Make sure You Setup Your Dlink router using the Instructions Given By Dlink And Start Using Your Internet Just Like Before
We Hope this Information to Be Informative And Gets You the right Tips to Fix Dink Router Problems. Drop Your Comments And let us Know if you Need any other Help And support Related Dlink Wireless Router.
We Bid You Good Luck And Happy Fixing.

Cheers to You, Power To You

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