Skype Is Freezing,Crashing And Won’t Work Problem
Microsoft Skype

Fix Skype Is Freezing,Crashing And Won’t Work Problem

Hello Everyone,

Friends If You Are Reading This Post I Am Assuming That You Have Trouble With Your Skype Application Crashing Or Freezing.

Don’t Worry I Will Help You Get Your Skype Working Again –

First Lets Just Get to Understand How Skype Works And What Skype is?

Skype Is An Application Owned And Operated By Microsoft Inc. Since 2003 Skype Is Connecting People Via Video Calling, Voice Calling, And Document Sharing.

You Can Also Use Skype For Text Messaging, Screen sharing, And Video Conferencing.

Now Let’s Get Started And Fix Skype Related Problems-

What To Do When Skype Is Freezing And Crashing –

Dear Friends In Case Your Skype Is Not Working Or Fail To Open And says “Skype Is Not Responding”

Please Follow These Steps To Get Your Skype Working Again –

  • First Of All Please Uninstall Skype And All Skype Components.
  • Restart Your Computer And Make Sure There Is No Trace Or File Left Of Your Old Skype.
  • Before You Download Skype Again Please Update Your Operating System To The Latest Version.
  • Sometimes Skype Crashes Or Do Not Work Because of Junks And Corruption Slow Down You Computer Please Clean Your Computer And Get Your Computer Faster.

Read More – For Windows Cleanup – How To Get Slow Windows Computer Faster In 10 minutes

In Case You Have A Mac Computer visit

Please Restart Your Computer After Cleanup


Get Your Skype Working Again –

After Clean Up Lets Go And Download The Latest Version Of Skype And Get Skype Install In Your Computer.


After Downloading Skype Please Install Skype And Restart Your PC.

Make a test Call And See If This Fix Your Skype And Get It Working.

I Hope This Will Help You To Fix Your Problem.

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need Any Other Help With Your Skype

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3 Replies to “Fix Skype Is Freezing,Crashing And Won’t Work Problem

  1. My wife’s Acer laptop uses Win 8.1 O/S. She uses Skype for messages between her contacts. Skype starts normally on reboot but often freezes unexpectedly. When this happens, you can’t close Skype or unfreeze it. The only solution is to reboot the computer and then it starts normally but soon freezes again. I have contacted the Skype community but nothing seems to help. I clean the caches and the computer regularly and I have tried booting out
    Skype and then installing the latest version. That does not help. I use E Set Smart Security on all my computers. We are both fed up with Microsoft and Skype. They have taken what used to be a reliable program and turned it into a piece of junk!

    1. Dear Berk, we understand Your problem however skype Or Microsoft is not that Bad. Check Your antivirus Or Windows Firewall Settings. Remove Skype From Your system along with leftover files. Re-install the latest version and then Try Using it. if that did not work then try downloading an older version and use it without updating your skype.

      See if that Helps

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