Is Tinder application not working on your Android or having a problem since new update? We have listed all possible reason and solution to Fix Tinder APP not working on Android Smartphone.
Firstly, you are not alone who are facing this issue so – Don’t worry! Sometimes Tinder Application is down for many Android users after its recent update. People are finding issues to find new people or sending messages on tinder after installing the app from Google play store with the last update. Many people reported Tinder for facing such issue and tinder came up with a solution.
There is lot more reason why Tinder application is not working on your Android. In this article, we have discussed briefly all the reason why it’s not working for you.

Tinder online dating application
Tinder online dating application being so popular and being used by many people all over the world and it’s disappointing when it doesn’t work can be frustrating. So, we have listed out solution or reason to check out for – Tinder app is not working on Android Smartphone Or Try  similar apps like tinder

Fix Tinder APP Not working on Android Smartphone

  • On Tinder’s official Twitter, they have briefly advised the entire users who are facing issues to uninstall and reinstall the Tinder application.
  • We also recommend you to completely shut down your phone and restart it after you have uninstalled and reinstalled Tinder application. Sometimes rebooting your device will get the app working back correctly when you have reinstalled an application.
  • Sometimes reinstalling the Tinder App fix the solution for few Android User and only works for one session, but then the Tinder app is broken again as users tend to return to the app to start newly. People have reported reinstalling Tinder multiple times as Tinder app tends to break at the end of each session while using it. Some Android users find it difficult to log in, and yet they still receive Tinder notifications.
  • Make sure you own the latest device. Current Tinder App doesn’t support some old Android Smartphones, and also Tinder app no longer supports iPhone that is older than iPhone4.
  • The operating system of your Android smartphone is up to date. It is recommended to run 4.4 KitKat for Android users and iPhone iOS7 or Higher.
  • Make sure you have turned on your location settings on your Android Device. Tinder Application which is installed on your smartphone requires your location to match with other people on Tinder. If it doesn’t identify where you are, it can’t match with other profile!

location in mobile

  • You don’t have the most recent version of Tinder app on your Smartphone. Old versions of the Tinder application are well-known for being buggy and always having the problem to launch. If you already have Tinder app on your phone for a while and only now you are facing some issues with Tinder. It’s advised to visit Google Play store and make sure you download the current version.


We hope, this article helps you to understand why Tinder is not working for you and provides a solution to Fix Tinder APP Not working on Android Smartphone. If you have any feedback and queries, Please leave us your comment.