Hello user, everyone here must love and enjoy watching movie, TV series, anime etc. And this enjoyment will be double if you will get it free. Many of us download their favorite Movie and TV series. You search on your web browser to download free movie. But it shows you lots of illegal sites that promising you to grasp your favorite blockbuster movie within the seconds of click. This site provides you a direct gateway to torrent. As you know torrent is banned in most of the country. This illegal site sometimes makes you in real trouble.

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Now the question arises how could anyone download their favorite blockbuster movie or TV series free and safe from malware..? So instead of becoming a victim of illegal site, I will provide you top legal site to download your favorite blockbuster movie for free of cost. This site is totally legal and you will totally safe to use. Here is some new movie download site to download movie-


Movie couch is the one o the best movie site that I know recently. In this site, you can download 100 of the movie totally free. No matter which movie you want to download, whether it is action, comedy, thriller, horror you will be surely found here. You will find a latest and old movie on this site.



In this site, you can watch movie online or you can download it. Here you can watch a movie or your favorite TV series online in HD quality. This website offer to watch or download movie or TV series of any genre. You can also watch latest or old movie online in HD quality.



This site is like a goldmine for those who want to download movie or TV series in free and in HD quality. Using INTERNET ARCHIVE you can download hundreds of free movies in the form of a torrent. You can download a movie of any genre; it may be thriller, action or horror.



Here without any need to download a movie, you can stream more than 100 movies. You can also spend an hour watching lots of free TV episodes. It provides movie thriller, action, romantic and any genre that you want to watch. This site is totally legal and safe to use. Hulu has an android and iOS app. If you want to watch a movie on your Smartphone then you can download its app on your Smartphone.



Screen Media ventures owned this free movie streaming website- POPCORNFLIX. This site hosts thousands of free movies on drama, thriller, action and many more genres. You can also download a movie on this site. Here you got hundreds of free TV episode of national geographical, discovery and many more. This site is totally secure and safe to use.


Final Provide

Today there a lot of illegal site on the internet that provides the direct link to the torrent, which sometimes makes you in trouble. We have provided you best legal site to download free movie and TV series. Hope this Helps and let us know if you need any other help with this.

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