The industry-recognized platform NetBase defines social media analytics as gathering data from social channels and other online content in an effort to help guide business decisions. Implementing one or many of these platforms allows you to collect and analyze data and gain insights so you can align your business strategy with audience needs and wants. Below are many options for gathering and monitoring data:

Why Social Media Analytics?

1. Once you identify your primary business goals, for example, do you want to increase traffic, engagement and/or downloads, or build brand awareness and improve perception? you can use social media analytics to reach those goals.

2. Once you determine how you will define success, which may include things like audience engagement, how the audience feels about your brand, and how your strategy will increase sales, the tools will help you measure success.

3. Once you determine what matters to your business and why, you will gain a better understanding of which tools you need to gather and analyze data.


Three Types of Social Media Analytics Tools

Built-Ins– These are the tools included with each social channel (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and can provide a good starting point for you to determine and understand your audience.

Free Analytics Tools– If your brand already expands across multiple channels, steer away from the built-ins because you need a broader view. Take advantage of non-subscription social media analytics tools. There are plenty.

Paid Analytics Tools– If you have a healthy budget, subscribe to the for-pay analytics tools, and you will gain a robust system. You may also want to invest in a customer-relations management system or CRM.

A Few Built-Ins

  • Facebook Insights– Monitor engagement, whether organic or paid, and compare which posts do better. Compare posts over time as well and how they measure up against the competition.
  • Twitter Analytics– Monitor audience behavior and interests. See what’s trending through hashtags. It could be your business!
  • Pinterest Analytics– If you have a business account, you can monitor your followers and their wants/needs so you can cater to them.
  • Instagram Insights– Convert your profile to a business profile (for free) and you can monitor demographics, reach, and impressions. Monitor follower activity and story insights.
  • YouTube Analytics– Monitor audience watch time, revenue reports, current viewership, and audience retention. You can also learn which devices your audiences uses most.

10 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

  1. Boardreader– An easy to use tool that provides reviews and forum posts. You can also filter results and monitor trends with graphs.
  2. Buffer– Schedule numerous posts across many social media channels and see which posts take off and which go nowhere.
  3. Followerwonk- If you’re only using Twitter, this tool can offer insights on rankings, and the location and activity of your followers.
  4. Friends + Me– This scheduling platform is designed to take your Google+ posts farther. You can share to social media channels and manage up to two queues with five posts.
  5. Google Alerts– Monitor your brand and your competitors through alerts to your inbox. Find out what the public is saying about you.
  6. Hootsuite– This free plan provides three social profiles, 30 scheduled messages, and basic analytics. With its over 150 free and paid apps, inlcuding NetBase, you will have the ability to integrate your systems for stronger marketing potential.
  7. HowSociable– Monitor activity involving your brand over a week’s time. Also, watch brand growth and success across 12 social networks.
  8. Likealyzer– This is for businesses that have built their strategy with Facebook, and as a bonus, it’s easy to use!
  9. Social Oomph– This tool for Twitter enables you to schedule posts, including those based on interests, and monitor mentions and retweets.
  10. SumAll– Connect a number of social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and more. Automate actions, like sending a Thank You to followers who retweet your content. Compare how your Facebook pages perform against other SumAll users.
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For Pay Social Media Analytics Tools

  1. NetBase– This platform is a leader in social media analytics tools and uses Natural Language Processing to translate multiple languages, online “slanguage” and emojis. It’s consumer focused and will enable you to monitor and maintain brand strength.
  2. Likeable Hub– This enables Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn users to gather and analyze data. You can also share content, generate leads, promote brand growth, and create a website.
  3. Sprout Social– This tool covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Analyze and understand audience engagement, content, trends, and insights.
  4. Tailwind– Schedule posts and gain insight into your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Analyze trends and branded content so you can give the audience what they want. This platform also lets you monitor your competitors.