Dear Folks,

I am Sorry if you have a Slow Computer And in most Incidents, You can Blame the Internet For this. If You are Reading this let me tell you today is the last day when You have a Slow Computer.

First Let me Remind this to You that all steps I am about to tell you are tested and verified by me and they worked almost every time for me and my friends.

Making a Computer Faster is easy when you know what you are doing.

Get Slow Windows Computer Faster –

Guys if you have An Old or New Computer these steps will help On all Windows Computer.

Let’s Get started with Normal and Basic Steps-

  • First Clear the temp memory of your Computer
  • Look On your Keyboard you will see windows key, Please press the windows key +r (together)   
  • Now you will see a box that will say Run on the left-hand side of your Computer.



  • Please type in that box %temp% and click ok
  • Now you will see a lot of files just select all of them and delete them all.

Great Job,

Let’s Try some more cleaning to your windows computer

Just go to the run box again as I told you in the beginning and type prefetch clicks Ok and Continue. Please delete all the junks from here to (delete everything You can and skip files if it asks for any files to be skipped.

Fantastic, let’s Go to the other step –

Remove Unwanted Startup Programs –

Now open the run Box again and this time type task manager and hit OK. Now you will see task manager will be open please Go to start up Programs and disable all unwanted startup programs.

Reset Your internet Browser –

Friends over the time your browser start adopting junks and unwanted extensions and search engine toolbars.

We need to reset your internet browser and make sure you remove all the unwanted toolbars and junk memory from the browser.

Now soon after You have reset your internet browser it’s the best time to restart the Computer and give it a minute to refresh the system.

make sure you update the latest version of your browser.

Uninstall all Unwanted Programs from computer

Friends, if you need a computer expert, let me tell you that most of the time you install unwanted software and programs by mistake and they start slowing down your system

Open the run box again and type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter Now from here you can uninstall any program that you want one by one and then restart the system.

I recommend you to use an uninstaller program to remove unwanted software from your computer.

 Update your Windows Computer to the latest version


over the time when your windows Or program driver gets outdated, they start being slow and create a problem for a computer. Please go to windows update on your computer and update the latest version of your windows operating system. Now please reboot your computer one more time

Well done if you have done till here

If you see your computer is still slow after windows Update please Read this helpful post

See if that helps You to fix this issue.

Adjust the Computer for best performance-

folks we can command the computer to set the computer performance according to user wish

Click On windows key at the very bottom left corner of your computer and type in search box adjust the appearance Now you can see the search result on very top saying adjust the appearance and performance of windows  Please Click on that.

Here You will find options where you can select adjust for best performance and apply and ok the settings

Restart your machine and wait for few moments before you use the computer.

Face the Truth About Antivirus Programs –

Dear Friends, I hate to tell this but most of the time Your antivirus Program doesn’t work for you the way you want it to work.

Sometimes it makes No good but slows down your computer. today is the day when you go and check your antivirus capability.

Please Check the reviews on your antivirus Programs and make sure it’s the right antivirus for your system.

Scan your full computer using your antivirus Program and see if you found anything on them.

pc slow down

 Quick Change in power settings in windows-

Folks Sometimes your Computer has been given limited power and that my friend can cause your computer run slow and then it may start freezing.

Please Adjust the power settings today and see if that helps. Select the high performance  please watch the video for more details

See if this helps You to get the best of your windows.

Some Extra Tips –

  • Please Restart Your Computer Everyday Once.
  • Run a Virus Scan every Week manually and clean the junks along with it as I have mentioned above.
  • You Can Also Upgrade the R.A.M Memory for better windows speed.

Now I am Sure this would have helped you make your Computer faster than before.

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Good Luck