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How to Choose a Good Domain Name for an e-commerce website

Picking a domain name for your eCommerce portal is one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your online business. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, your domain is synonymous with your brand. After all, it is the first piece of your brand that your audience is going to experience.

When a domain name holds so much importance why don’t you give it a lot of consideration and thoughts? In our today’s post, we will have a look at some tips that will help you choose a short and memorable domain name for your eCommerce business.

So let’s begin this step-by-step guide to domain name creation.

Understand The Types of Domain Names

The very first thing that you need to do is understanding the types of domain names. Generally, there are 4 basic types of domain names:

Keyword-Focused Domain Names

As you can judge by the name, keyword focused domain names are those domain names that include keywords in the URL. For example, incorporates the search term “cheap clothes”.

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Brand-Focused Domain Names

Such domain names feature a catchy and memorable term. The good example of it would be The word Amazon has no obvious relationship to any type of products and services Amazon offers. Still, the name is brandable and popular among the masses. Same goes with Facebook.

Location-Focused Domain Names

These domain names include a locality within that is generally added to the end part of the domain like. may use location with both brandable and keyword-based domain names as well. The location can be as broad as like World, Online, USA or as specific as like New York, Manhattan, etc.

Hybrid Domain Names

Usually, such domain names are a mix of brandable terms, location, keyword.

Which Type of Domain is the Best for eCommerce Business?

Naming any particular domain type will not be right as each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Keyword focused domain names are considered a good choice for eCommerce websites that are focused on a very specific niche. For instance, if your site is going to sell men’s shoes, for example, then might be an ideal domain for your business. Because search engines like Bing and Google will probably rank your site higher in search results for the term ‘mensshoes’.

However, this is not always true as there are more than 200 ranking factors at Google.

Moreover, Google has also launched a filter called ‘Exact Match Domain’ in 2012 that prevents poor quality sites from ranking usually those have matched search terms in their domain names. So, it can also prevent your site from ranking high in the search engine.

Other Negatives of Keyword Focused Domain Names

– They can be limiting. For instance, if your domain name is Your consumers are likely to assume that you deal in shoes only. It will make harder for you to expand your product range without changing the domain name. Like if you want to add clothes and other accessories in your product range.

-Another major problem is that most of the relevant keyword domain names are already registered.

Best Practices for Finding the Right Domain Name for Your eCommerce website

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Make Use of Domain Name Generators

If you want to stand out of the competition, it is important that you pick a name that is short, unique and defining your business perfectly. If you are running out of ideas, you can take help of different domain name generators.

There are plenty of nice tools that can help you choose a snappy and memorable name. One well-known Domain Name Search tool is Hostinger DNS. It is an ICANN accredited domain provider that deals in a wide range of domain name extensions. Using this tool is quite easy, you just need to type your potential domain name in the search bar and hit the ‘Search’ button.

Domain Name Generators

Linguistic Psychology

This is something people don’t give attention when choosing a domain name. Make sure you are using the correct spelling for your domain name. Remember, weird spelling can throw your audience off. Unless your business has a good name and loyalty you should stick with words people know.

In addition to this, avoid using numbers and hyphens.

You May Choose Acronyms

There are many firms that are using acronyms as their domain name. You may give it try too. As acronyms are small and easy to remember, they make good domain names. The good example of it would be the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. They have used their acronyms for their domain name i.e.

Now you know how to find the right domain name for your site. Here are a few more quick tips you should keep in mind when choosing a domain for your eCommerce store.

-It should be legally available. It shouldn’t be penalized and blacklisted.

-It should fit your business’s maturity level.

-It should be easy to type and pronounce.

Hopefully, our guide will help you find out the right domain name. You may share your domain name search experience with us in our following comment section.

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