Apple’s computers are deservedly positioned as an optimal platform for creative work, a universal tool for the artist of the digital era. This collection presents the most interesting free and paid applications for working with raster graphics on a Mac.

Photo editing has become a big deal on iPhone and iPad because that’s where we tend to take and share our snapshots these days. But many of us still keep our main libraries on our Macs. Because of its faster processors, larger storage, and all-around bigger computing power, the Mac is still the best device for serious photo editing.

Installing photo editing software

Using the App Store on the device, find and install programs that provide all the editing capabilities in the Photo program or include extensions for this program. In the description of programs that include extensions for the Photos, such phrases as “Extension for the Photo” program are usually used, use similar search queries to find more programs.

apple apps store

The Photos program for macOS High Sierra has a convenient search function for third-party programs
1. Double-click the snapshot in the library to open it in a separate window, then click “Edit.”
2. Select and then click More.
The Mac App Store opens a list of third-party photo editors that are compatible with this program.


This application has a fully customizable multifunctional interface, support for the concept of layered image editing and a large set of highly specialized tools. Colorize the riotous color of an inconspicuous picture or create a monochrome masterpiece, make point or scale edits, remove defects, or maybe add them — the Gimp is perfectly suited for complex work, and for using new professional techniques.

gimp app


The project is constantly updated and modernized. The application is fully adapted for OS X El Capitan. But its interface remained the vintage style of the 80’s. The last century, when users more than enough features of the simplest graphics editor, which is included in the package by default for each computer sold. Neither Microsoft with its Paint, nor Apple did not find it expedient to change something — the authors of Paintbrush fully agree with them. There will always be a lot of simple tasks, for which there is a sufficient set of virtual chalk, eraser and fill function.

my paint brush



Developers call it “the world’s first fully automatic program for improving photos.” Photolemur uses artificial intelligence algorithms for automatic editing images with minimal human intervention.
The program is created by a start-up company based in the UK, with the involvement of an international team of photographers, developers, and entrepreneurs.
“The mission of Photolemur is to eliminate the difference between what our eyes saw and what the camera captured,” explains developer spokesman Nazar Begen. ” Photolemur does not distort the reality in your photos, but it makes them more beautiful and natural. Like you saw them when you took pictures. In addition, the program does not require any training and serious involvement in the process. It does everything for you.” Photolemur can process RAW files. Batch processing will allow you to quickly retouch entire collections of images in just minutes instead of doing it for hours or even days.


Settings and some additional controls have no application at all. And that’s fine. The only thing you can change is the degree of correction. The adjustment slider opens when you click on the brush below. When it will be finished — click on Export and choose where you want to send the photo.
Magic is not cheap. For Photolemur will have to pay. It makes sense to buy the application on the developer’s site, in which case you will be able to use the license under Windows.