Instagram- has evolved as a social media giant over the past 4-5 years. It started off as a simple photo filter app in 2010 providing various filters to edit photos but slowly it grew and rapidly gained popularity and now this application stands tall as the biggest social media platform where people can share photos and videos and stay connected with millions and millions of people who are Instagram users. The Instagram application has rapidly evolved and has added numerous features recently such as stories, live sessions, IGTV, and the most recently added voice notes.

The Instagram mobile app has enabled people to connect with the Instagram family by a single touch. Each user owns and manages his/her own account and can freely upload photos and videos. An Instagram user can exercise the right to either make his account public (making the content accessible to everyone) or can grant access to pre-approved followers only.


Instagram as of today has 8 million users from all over the world. From students to professionals, stay at home mothers or those working the 9-5 job, celebrities –be it from the media industry or sports, EVERYONE owns an Instagram handle. Instagram is also used by many to promote and run their business. The more the followers the more coverage you receive. Using the hashtags and keywords, a user can make his posts easily and widely accessible. Because having more followers of your account helps you on so many levels, you can also buy Instagram followers.

To give you more insight on how having more followers on Instagram can benefit you

Below is a step by step coverage to help you understand how you can increase Instagram engagement (likes and comments) which ultimately leads to an increase in followers and can help your account grow slowly and organically:

1. Use known hashtags

It is always helpful to use common hashtags that are used for followers such as#FF (follow Friday) or #l4l (like for like). They attract the reader and make your accessible.

2. Host a giveaway (contest)

By doing this you can attract a large audience because usually the rules of the giveaway state to like and comment on the post, tag a number of friends and ask them to follow. This results in more people engaging and asking friends to follow.

3. Put yourself out there

The more people you follow and the more Instagram likes and comments you do, make you more visible and available. Random people scrolling through the app can spot you, read up your bio and follow you. You can also buy Instagram likes for your account to make your account more discoverable.
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4. Write a catchy bio

Make sure you write a complete and catchy bio. Keep it short and simple. Use keywords to attract an audience. Describe yourself in a fun and interesting way.

5. Ask questions

Make the captions of your posts fun and interesting. Ask questions so that people can comment and share views. This surely increases the engagement and ultimately results in increasing followers.

6. Promote your account

Posting about your account on other social media platforms and educating the masses about what content they will be able to find once they start following you, helps you meet people who share the same interests and will love to follow you.