Increasing workplace productivity is an important aspect of your business life, especially if the amount you earn depends on it. In any case, the more productive you are, the bigger of an asset you are to your company and the faster you’ll be able to reach your financial goals. With that in mind, let’s look at 4 simple, yet effective strategies for increasing workplace productivity you can employ as soon as today:

1. Get rid of all the distractions

This means no Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, chat programs, or anything else that often takes away from your focus. Simply put, how can you get anything done if you’re constantly answering calls and messages and if you’re trapped in an endless loop of watching cat videos on Youtube or commenting on your friends’ Facebook pictures and posts? Instead, it’s better to designate a time for it and use your mental resources in a focused manner by choosing a task and sticking to it until it’s done (but not longer than 90 minutes at a time, which we’ll get to in a minute).

no facebook

2. Immerse yourself in a single task at any given time

Multitasking, as advanced and necessary as it may seem, is actually not that efficient in terms of productivity. Psychologists have discovered that multitasking is possibly the number one obstacle that stands between you and achieving an optimal level of productivity. You see, even though you’re technically doing multiple things at the same time, you’re under the impression that you’re accomplishing more, while in reality, you’re just taking on more tasks and doing every single one of them half-heartedly. And guess what? This has a negative effect both on your productivity as well as the quality of your work.

3. Consider renting a coworking space

Coworking Spaces are a fantastic way to accomplish more in the time available to you. Not only do they set up the scene for some friendly banter and competition with your coworkers, they are also quite a handy way to socialize with like-minded people who often have the same entrepreneurial goals as you do. If they are up for it, you can also ask your coworkers for help if you get stuck on a particular task, or even ask for feedback on a completed project.

4. Work in short bursts and take regular breaks in between

Working all the time will drain your motivation and exhaust you. It may seem tempting to give it as much effort as possible, but trying too hard and extending your time spent working can quickly lead to a burnout. Short bursts of concentrated effort tend to yield much better results, and the upside of doing it this way is that you get to have a break often. As a general rule of thumb, each working session should not be longer than 90 minutes.

tea break


These strategies should serve you well and better the results you can achieve with the time given. Combine these with an iron discipline and a burning passion to improve, and you should be able to reach the next step on the corporate ladder in no time.