In today’s high-tech, connected world, the importance of making an instant connection with an audience can’t be overstated enough. With the hustle and bustle of life and our hectic schedules, we are now, more than ever, dealing with shorter attention spans as a whole. Most people decided to explore or leave a site within four seconds of viewing the page, according to Anthony Dejolde, a writer for Lifehack. The ability of infographics to quickly grab your attention and make an instant impact is why they’ve become so popular in recent years.

Concisely Present Facts

Infographics are an easy way to present essential facts through a mixture of text and images. This makes it easier for the reader to digest notable facts. This makes it easier for readers to understand unusual facts more quickly than if they were to read a long article.  According to the writers at The Content Cloud, people remember 80 percent of what they see and do, compared to just 20 percent of what they read.


Social Media Sharing

Sharing images on the Internet has been a popular activity since Facebook was first introduced in 2004. Social media has made it easy to share a lot of information around the world in a matter of seconds. Images tend to attract more attention than text because people in our society no longer have the time to read long blocks of text.

Link Advantages

Another reason why infographics have become so popular is that you can embed links into the graphic. If the infographics are quickly and widely shared, it can result in a significant boost to the page’s search engine ranking. This can result in an increase in traffic to the infographic’s originating website. This has encouraged a rise in the use of infographics to not only present information, but to help boost the traffic and popularity of a site.


With the right infographic design service, they can act as a quickfire tutorial for various subjects or to promote products. Advertisers have been quick to realize the benefits they can gain from utilizing the power of infographics and understand how an appealing infographic can quickly spread on the Internet. When presenting a new product to consumers that have grown up with radio, televisions, newspaper, and magazine advertising, it requires a unique presentation in those mediums to grab their attention.


Presenting Statistics

A favorite way that infographics have been used is to publish statistics. They have been shown to work really well to share election results with the masses. Political infographics can include many things including, detailing each party’s share of the vote and which area saw the highest percentage of the vote among other things. Statistics like these presented in the form of an infographic can work as an educational tool, which can be an effective way to show information about geography, history, and science.

Infographics can quickly become the hot marketing tool for companies of all sizes. With the combination of text and images, they make complicated information easy to digest, making them a valuable resource for today’s businesses.