How do you use Instagram? Do you use it as a platform to share photos with friends the way you do on Facebook? Well, everyone has his/her own way of using this platform; however other people use this image sharing platform for marketing purposes.

If you use Instagram for marketing purposes, you need to know that one account isn’t satisfying. There are numerous reasons for adding multiple Instagram accounts such as increasing your fan base, managing prospects and also evaluating trends and analytics.

Adding multiple Instagram accounts can be challenging and particularly if you want to remove an account. Note that Instagram checks your IP address when you access your account. If you move from one account to another while you are accessing your Instagram account using the same IP address, the platform may flag and suspend all of your accounts. This could make you lose all your Instagram accounts form your IP address and hence interfere with your Instagram app marketing efforts. However, with anonymous proxies, you can do all these things without having to worry about your account being banned.

Note that proxies can help you to create multiple Facebook accounts, Instagram automation and also create multiple Twitter accounts.

Now let us understand how anonymous proxies can help you create multiple Instagram accounts in your web browser. Note that the information presented here crucial for social media managers running multiple Instagram accounts to help them from getting their accounts banned.

What is Instagram Proxies and how do they work?

Instagram proxies are those that offer dedicated IPs that are purposely for Instagram. Many a time business people may need to create and manage multiple IG accounts for marketing purposes. If you create these accounts from the same PC or laptop, the platform can track your IP address and flag the accounts as fake.

This is where Instagram proxies become helpful since you can use them to create as many accounts as you want and run them from one machine. Most business people who share photos and clips about their brands on Instagram want their products to reach a wider audience.

Instagram Proxies

But getting a huge fan base can be tricky especially for new Instagram accounts unless your account is old enough. This is why many people resort to creating fake Instagram accounts. This is when proxies become necessary. Note that is advised for users to be careful when choosing proxies. The internet is saturated with proxy providers but some are not safe to use.

There are numerous proxies that are already banned by Instagram so it is good to be careful when using such proxies since if the program finds that you are using those banned proxies, your account will be blocked.

How Instagram proxies work.

Once you download Instagram proxies from proxy providers, you will be assigned a specific IP address for Instagram. Each proxy that you get has its own unique IP address so whenever you access your IG account, you will appear as if you are accessing every Instagram account that you manage from different locations. In this manner, your Instagram accounts will not get banned since you will appear to be accessing each account from different locations and not from a single computer.

Your IP address will be substituted with your proxy’s IP address thus making it hard for Instagram to know your real IP address and all your accounts will become anonymous. This is the good thing about Instagram proxies. You can access your Instagram accounts anonymously and at the same time create multiple Instagram accounts for your marketing needs.

Once you’ve got your Instagram proxies working with your multiple Instagram accounts. There are plenty of things you can do to make money from them. Some include: building the Instagram accounts up and then selling shout outs on them when they have a large enough following. You could also potentially sell the accounts after you’ve grown them. Another option is to promote app downloads which many companies will pay you to do. On a larger scale, you can also sell Instagram likes and views (the going rate seems to be about $1 for 100 Instagram likes). Of course, you can always use the accounts to promote your own business or service. Either way, the possibility to make money online on Instagram is endless. However, it all starts with high-quality Instagram proxies and accounts.

Take home message

Instagram is an amazing platform when it comes to marketing your products and services online. When you make use of this platform wisely you can build an empire that will help you grow your business and increase your revenue by a huge number.

Take Home Message