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Hello guys. As we all know that a maximum number of computer users all over the world use Windows operating system. But even experts suggest that LINUX operating system is the safest and one of the best-operating systems to date. Even some of the windows users also wish to use the Linux operating system. But as the window is the most compatible operating system with all the software, they have to simply drop the idea of using Linux on the same computer.

But today our dual boot guide will enable you to use both Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux simultaneously on the same PC. So let us start and know the procedure to boot Ubuntu alongside Windows 7.

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How to Install Ubuntu on Windows 7 –

Steps-1: First of all you have to make a backup of your system. It is the most important step in the whole process. You can use the Macrium Reflect software for this purpose. The recommendation of this software is just because it has a free version available on the internet and is very easy to use.

first take backup

Free up your hard disk and make space for the Linux partition. You can use the disk management tool available on Windows 7 for this purpose. Just shrink your Windows partition and free up space on hard disk for Linux.

Open the disk management tool and right click on the C drive. Choose the shrink partition option and create at least 20 gigabytes of space for Ubuntu Linux operating system. An unallocated space will be created which is the partition where you have to install the Linux operating system.

Steps-2:Now you need to purchase a bootable Ubuntu DVD of desired bit version. Other than this you can also download the 32 bit or 64 bit version and make a bootable DVD by yourself. So firstly download an ISO file of Ubuntu operating system and store it on your desktop. Now right click on the ISO file and choose Burn Disc Image option. Insert a compact disc in the DVD drive and click on the burn option. This one burns the ISO file on the DVD. Do not forget to check the make bootable DVD option. You can use the Nero 7 Essentials software for the purpose.

Steps-3: Now after the successful creation of bootable DVD of Ubuntu operating system, insert the DVD in the DVD drive and reboot your Windows 7 operating system. You will see an option where you will be asked to try Ubuntu. Click on the option.

Phone after the Ubuntu operating system boots, click on the network icon in the top right corner. Connect to a wireless network after entering the security key if required.

Steps-4:Now search your desktop for the install Ubuntu icon. Click on the install Ubuntu icon to start the installation of Ubuntu operating system. Now you will need to choose your language out of all the given languages and then click on the continue button.

Connect to the internet by the wireless network that you had entered the security key for. Only connect to the internet if you have a great internet speed. If the speed of your wireless connection is low then remain disconnected.

Steps-5: Now you will receive 3 guidelines asking what do you have enough hard drive space, have you connected to a power source, and are you connected to the internet. The first two must be fulfilled. You can continue without the last one.

Now you will see an installation type dialog box where you will receive 3 options. Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7, erase the disk and install Ubuntu, and something else. You must choose the install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 option and then you need to click continue.

Step 6

make partition

Now you can also create the partitions manually. This step is not completely necessary. But it will be helpful if you create a separate partition for the separate operating system. This will save your data in any kind of miscarriage to any of the operating systems. After the completion of previous options, you must choose a time zone according to the country where you are staying. Now choose the keyboard layout according to your need. Click on continue.

Now the system will ask who are you. Basically, in this step, you need to add a user. You need to add your name, computers name, a username, and your password. After entering all the details we can continue. Now the installation process will start and all the files will be copied to your computer. After the Ubuntu installed you will be asked whether you want to restart the Computer or not.

Reboot your system and remove the DVD drive.

As soon as your computer reboots you will receive the option to choose out of both operating system, which one you want to continue with.

Choose Ubuntu operating system and boot it. Enjoy using ubuntu alongside Windows 7 on the same PC.

Hope This Helps You. Do Comment if you need any other Help Installing Ubuntu

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