Entrepreneurs are facing a rigorous competition in the marketplace. And, in order to combat with the dynamism and establish their brands, they take help of professionals for building scalable software solutions and products to streamline and organize all the complex processes. If we look at the past few years, agile has evolved to be a popular development framework that works on the principles of increment and iteration. Majority of the enterprises hire development partners who practice this approach in order to accelerate the entire software production and build quality solutions quickly by allowing programmers to achieve a specific set of predefined goals in different sprints. But managing and collaborating with an agile team is a challenging task. You have to be on your toes throughout the entire project and deal with the project mentors and professionals efficiently. When monitoring an agile team you have to discover ways to optimize resources at hand and put efforts to avoid risks or losses. But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. In order to complete a web development project lucratively by incorporating an agile methodology, it’s mandatory for you to aim for seamless collaboration and teamwork by motivating the members and thereby keeping them on the right track throughout. The real challenge is that there are several different ways to do the same. But it’s more important to pick the best in accordance with your personal preferences and specific requirements. Let’s look at the six major tips which can help you in motivating your agile team and boost their productivity.

1. Effectively Maintaining The Workload Balance

Being the project owner, it’s obvious that you would want the agile team to work hard and put their best foot forward. But as humans the capacity and potential of the team members are limited. Being in an authoritative position you are free to make sure that the work is equally distributed among the team members so that to stay away from mismanagement. Also, working more than the capacity hampers the creativity and productivity of the professionals. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the deliverables produced by each one of them. In addition, as you are operating in an agile environment, it’s beneficial to schedule a brief meeting with your team at regular intervals of time. This will allow team members to keep themselves up to date and have a clear idea of the work allocated to them individually. Also, on the basis of priorities, you can assign tasks to a few team members. Ultimately, the goal of these meetings would be to make the environment more casual and fun for the agile team. It will give you an opportunity to spend time with them and form a strong bond.
Maintain Wrk Load

2. Arrange Engaging Team Building Activities

Earlier, employees were only focused on earning financial perks. But nowadays they need to empathize with their co-workers and take part in activities which make them feel more engaged at their place of work. Such activities let employees feel more involved in the system and persuade them to take initiatives and raise their opinions freely in front of their team members. As per the theory of Hertzberg’s team motivation recognition, manager relations, and human interaction are the three pillars that have a direct impact on the team’s spirit. Team building activities can be the best way to do this because these activities encourage team members to develop trust for each other and work with a relaxed mind.

3. Have A Liberal Approach Towards Welcoming Criticism & Respect Different Perspectives

Every member of an agile team gets an opportunity to express their own idea by actively participating in Sprint planning, Scrum meetings, stand-ups, etc. These are the platforms where product owners can look for professionals coming up with innovative ways to fix current issues. Also, they might express their discontent associated with a particular process. It’s the responsibility of the product owner to hear all these different perspectives and respect the way in which they’re planning to take a certain part of the project ahead. You should allow the team members to provide solutions and avoid following the practice of leaving decision making in the hands of the leadership team only. This practice will boost the morale of the entire team as every member would be more than happy to share their ideas and enjoy being in the position of identifying ways to fix problems. It will be a surprise to the leadership team as well and they will start believing in their team members.

4. Encouraging Team Members To Have Fun

Being the project owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of what the team members actually want. It’s quite possible that they might want a break to spend some time with their colleagues or families and friends. It’s a good idea to provide the professionals with some funds so that they can choose whichever way they like to get relaxed and rejuvenated. Also, you can allow project managers to arrange snacks for the entire teams or give them to enjoy a few games that can freshen up their minds.

5. Facing Adversities With A Never Say Die Attitude

When working with an agile engineering team it’s not essential that they manage to excel in each and every aspect. There might be situations where you have to ask your team to execute plan B and prevent the project from getting failed miserably. But in such situations, you have to encourage the agile team to condition their minds for not quarreling and blaming each other for the failure. Rather you should be focused on motivating the team on what they can do to recover the entire setback. Ideally, as the product owner, you need to leverage the powers you have for protecting project against delays, resolve arguments, and facilitating teamwork in adverse situations.
Team Work

6. Understand The Significance Of Giving Acknowledgement & Recognition To The Agile Team Members

You can’t force anyone to work with your time and again. In order to do this, you need to take necessary measures such as acknowledging excellent team members and giving them rewards for their achievements. It’s also proved by a Monster.com survey that almost half of the British workers feel that they are either undervalued or unappreciated which are the major reasons why they start feeling dejected. Recognition is an imperative tool for boosting the morale of employees. Also, it’s equally important to make all the members of the agile team feel that their work is getting noticed and recognized by the management. These are the six major practices you can follow to keep the agile team on the right track and complete the software development project successfully. These tips will keep the agile team motivated and all bucked up with a positive attitude towards achieving the ultimate goal.