Importance of speed up website

The truth is that even in face of all the astonishing technology we can boast of in the twenty-first century, no website yet loads instantly. Practically, even the best websites in terms of optimization still take some milliseconds to load. Now in a modern digital environment, like we have today, the speed of your website is crucially important. Visitors to your website are inherently impatient and very critical about speed hence just an extra millisecond in your loading speed could make you lose a potential customer. This explains why you should deservedly pay a huge amount of attention to the loading speed of your website.

speed up your website

Importance of Dedicated Server Location

Now talking about the loading speed, the number of factors would determine how fast your website loads. These factors include the scripts you are running, the images, the plugins (in the case of WordPress) or even your bloated themes. However, there is one crucial factor we easily neglect when talking about the loading speed of a website: this is the location of your dedicated server.

When it comes to the performance of your website, the location of dedicated server plays a huge determinant role. Actually, the distance of your website visitor from the location of site’s server contributes to how long it would take for the request of that visitor to be processed eventually getting the website to load. While internet speeds are increasing, we cannot yet entirely neglect the relationship between the speed of your website and the location of its dedicated servers.  Having established the uncontested relevance of the location of dedicated servers, you may ask how you can now pick the ideal location that best serves your site.

Things to Remember for choose Dedicated Server

Now a good number of the top web hosts would a nice stretch of option among its data centers. This shouldn’t be significantly determined by cost. So when you want to choose your ideal location among the dedicated servers which you would be using, there are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. First is your target audience, those you are hoping to eventually pull to your website. If in the instance you are targeting people in the United States, then it would better suit the optimization of your website to take a data center located in the US or has close proximity to the United States at least.

target your audience

  1.  It is also vital to pay close attention to the performance of that data center. Make sure these dedicated servers are giving you top value for every cent you are paying for. In the case, however, where you have already procured a dedicated server whose location doesn’t appropriately suit your target audience, you can ask your hosting provider to help you with the migration of the setup of your server to a  more ideal and befitting location among its data center.

In conclusion, in the case where they don’t have a suitable data center that aligns well with your target audience, you can take the bigger option of switching hosts entirely. This is no big deal, however. All it basically entails is getting that provider with a wide range of data center options (of which your preferred location should be included) and ask them to help you migrate your site to their platform.