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How To Login Belkin Wireless Router |

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In this Post, We are Determine To Help You Solve Belkin Router Problems. It’s Nearly Impossible to Troubleshoot Belkin Wireless Router Without Accessing Belkin Router Dashboard.

Today We Are Going to Explain How You Can log in Belkin Router And Change Settings. In Order to login Belkin wireless router, You May Need to Know Few things Upfront.

Belkin Router Default Gateway = Ip Address Or Website That can help you access the Belkin Setup Console. In Case of Belkin router, It’s it is Also Called Default Belkin Ip.

Connection From Belkin Router = let’s Just Be clear on this point if you are not connected with Belkin Router (Wired Or Wireless )  Than You Can’t Access Belkin Router Dashboard. You Need to have Wire Or Wireless Connection From Your Router.

After login Belkin router You Can Reset Or Change Network name and password, Setup Parental Control, Update Router Firmware, Restore Router To Default Factory Settings etc.

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Let’s Get Started And Help You Find The Belkin Console

Login Belkin Router Dashboard –

if You Are Not Connected Wirelessly to Your Belkin Router Than Please Connect Your Computer Using Ethernet Cable to Your Belkin Router.

Connect Your Computer Using ethernet

  1. Please Open Your Internet Browser On Your Device Which Is connected to Belkin Router. You Can Use Your Any Smartphone, Tablet Or Ipad  With Full Browser Like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc

open your browser

  1. Please Type at the Top Of Your Browser (into Url Box) And Press Enter.

enter default gateway

  1. Now it Will Prompt a Pop Up Asking For Username And Password For Belkin Router Login Please Type Username = admin, Password = password 

login password page

  1. Press Ok and You Should Be Logged in to Your Belkin Wireless Router.

Tips And Tricks –

  • If you are getting an error while attempting to access the  web address, then you need to clear your using internet browser cache  And Try Again.
  • Instead of typing in search bar Try using The Url Box to get to the address.
  • use The Different  Browser Also if You Get Trouble Accessing web Console in

Case If you get any Problem Accessing Your Belkin router than We Recommend You to Reset Your Belkin router to Default Factory Settings.

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See if all this Information Helps You Login And Change Belkin Router Settings As You Wish. Please Comment Below for any other issue You have With Belkin Wireless Router.

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