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Today We Are Going to Help You Access And Login to Your Netgear Wireless Router Setup Page. We Will Also answer Many Questions Related Netgear Support And Troubleshooting.

Dear friends, There are many situations where You might need to Login Netgear Router Dashboard In Order to Change Or Know The settings. For Example Security change, Netgear Setup, Netgear Router Reset And Troubleshooting Etc.

There Are Few Tricks And Steps That One Can Use to Login Netgear Router.

Dear Folks In Order to Access Netgear Router We Must know the Default Ip address (Default Gateway). Let us Educate You About Default IP address and Web addresses That Can be Used to Login Netgear Router.

Netgear Router Default Ip –

By Default Netgear Recommend Using Or As a Default Gateway for login into Netgear dashboard. However, We Recommend Doing Cross Check Manually If These Ip Address Won’t Work. First Let us Tell You How to Use these Ip address to Login Netgear Wireless Router –

  • Connect Your Computer to Your Router using Cable Or Wireless Whatever is Possible At Your End
  • Open Your Internet Browser Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozzila Firefox Or safari And At top of Your Browser Please Type in Url Box And Press Enter.
  • If You Can See a Small Windows Asking For Username and Password Than It Was Right Web Address Please Process Further.

Note : – if Won’t work Try As default IP address for Netgear router.

Once You Find Correct Default Gateway (Default Ip) for Your Netgear Router Try These Combinations For Netgear Router Username And Password to Login Netgear wireless Router.

Username – admin  , Password = admin

Username – admin  , Password = password

Type this Combination one By One And We are Pretty Sure You will be logged in to Your Netgear Wireless Router Setup console.

Still Having Problem ???

Are You Wondering What to Do If These Both Netgear Default Ip address Won’t Work –

No Issue We Have Got More Steps to Help You Out –

Start Over And Manually Find Out-Default Ip address of Your Netgear Wireless Router

Note : – You Can Use this Method to Find Out-Default Gateway Of Anyhome Wireless Router Such As Belkin, Linksys, Asus routers etc.

Now Let’s Go And Help You find out Default IP address (Default Gateway ) that Will Help You login Netgear wireless Router Setup page.

Will Do this Tips For Windows And Mac computer Both One by One-

Let’s Do this For Windows Computer First –

  • Go to Desktop Screen of Your computer
  • Use Shortcut Key to Open Run Application. Press The Windows Key On Keyboard Along with Later R at the same time.
  • You May See Run Box Usually at the left-hand side bottom Please Type CMD  And Press Ok
  • Now, this may Open the Command Prompt for You Than Type IPCONFIG in command prompt And Press Enter.
  • Drag and Look Carefully it should Tell You Your default Gateway Now.

find default gateway by cmd

Know Default Gateway in Mac computer  –

  • Connect the mac computer With Router (Wire Or Wireless Doesn’t matter.)
  • Click On Apple Icon in the Top left-hand side Corner of Your Mac Computer And Go to System Preference 
  • Please Click On Network in Next Step And select the Way your mac is Connected to Netgear Router.
  • Select Ethernet for wired connection And Wifi if you have got  Wireless Connection from the router to your mac.
  • Here You can see Your default Gateway Or default Ip Address for Your Wireless Router.

find default ip in mac

Congrats if You Know Your Default Ip Address of Your Router. Try using that IP address With The password Combination given Above.

Dear Folks If Nothing just Works For You and if You are still not able to login Netgear router Dashboard Please Reset Netgear Wireless Router.

Follow to: Reset Netgear Wireless Router to factory default settings.

We Hope this May Help You Restore Your Wireless Service Along with Netgear Router. Hope we did Well to Help You

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