Amazon associate is one of the first affiliate marketing programs that was launched in 1996. This programs with a track record of over 20 years helped and is still helping many website owners, developers and sellers on Amazon to make money by sharing tons if Amazon’s products to obtain leads. Amazon affiliate program is free to join and anyone can use it without any trouble. Many bloggers and website owners who are associates create a link for customers and share them on their own sites and attract customers to click on them so that they can earn the referral fee. Signing up affiliate program also depends on geographical region as target market changes. So, if you want to target US market, then register as US Amazon affiliate. On other hands, if you want to target the Indian market, then you have to sign in as Amazon affiliate India.

One can get 10% for general products as referral free when an audience of your website makes the purchase from a link shared on your website. The referral fee will be up to 15% if the product shared is some high-end products like expensive gadgets. Your commission for your referral will be credit into your account once the purchase is successfully made. So more you attract the audience for your referral more will be earnings.

How to make money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

The best way to make money online through affiliate marketing is to have own website or blog with recommendations and reviews of the products. With more products and attract publicity, the reach of the blog or website will increase. So when a link of Amazon product is shared on your site, eventually a number of clicks on link increase with as reach of site increase. Here are some tips that will beat the Amazon affiliate program:

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Domain name and Hosting services:

Choosing a domain name is very important as this is the way people will find your website. Pick a catchy name or keyword rich name that people will frequently search in search engines. Then register this domain name with domain providers. It is wise to choose low-cost providers so it would save money. Setup web hosting service so that website can handle a good amount of traffic and data. Some hosting providers which provide free domains along with hosting as a combo at very reasonable costs. It is advisable to choose such providers.

Maintain a blog or Website:

Blogs are the best way to reach to people. Many people will have a habit of reading product reviews before buying any product. So it is advisable to make your website with blog options such as WordPress. After the creation of a blog or website, start writing product reviews and recommendations and post them on your site. Choose products that are always looked for reviews like categories of mobiles,

laptops etc., Keep the blog engaging by posting at least 2-3 reviews or product recommendation articles every day, so audience finds it interesting to visit your site every day. You can even read the case studies of blog to know the real experience of building a good amazon affiliate blog.

Posting Product Links:

Once, your website is ready to start adding Amazon product links on your site. Always bookmarks all the products which you’re interested in to make reviews and share the link on site. Bookmarks will help for quick sharing of the links on the sites. Always try to share links that are related to your post created on your website. This will make your site visitor click on the link. Affiliate links will expire after 24 hours so it is important to post links regularly along with new posts so that your blog will be engaging. It is a purchase made from the link that gets you paid not just click or advertisement hence it is important to keep incorporating new products and seasoned products which attract the visitors.

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Increasing the reach of your Website:

It is important to increase the reach of your website or blog so that clicks or purchase will increase resulting in more earnings. So, how exactly to increase reach? It is again dependent on the content on the website. First, choose the category in which you are perfect so that you can rate or review perfectly because bad reviews or bad recommendations always divert visitors to other sites. Always try to keep your engaging with interesting reviews and recommendations so that it will increase the number of regular users to your site. After creating content, it now turns to publicize our content to people so visit your site. There are many social media platforms where you can share your site links. Get feedback from regular visitors and ask them to share it with their circle. Promote your site within the circle and ask them to circulate the content to their friends and family. This will increase the reach of your site and definitely some of them will get connect to your site if it has great content.

Finally, though it is many think affiliate marketing is easy which it is not in the reality. One needs to have quite a good patience to make money. Amazon associate gives such platform to share products, but it is very important to attract people to click on the shared link. Though there are several methods, affiliate website is the easiest and great way to attract people. Great content and good maintenance of the blog will reach more people which will be great for advertising. Eventually, more reach will lead to more leads which are a pathway for excellent earnings