The days of using billboards and offline marketing campaigns are dead. If you’re spending your marketing budget on flyers and other outdoor media campaigns, you’re wasting your company’s money.

Marketing in the digital age allows you to obtain the type of reach that’s impossible to attain with traditional marketing strategies. The advent of social media affords any business the opportunity to receive an ROI on their marketing budget that eclipses anything that’s possible with traditional marketing.

The goal of any business owner is to sell their company for a healthy profit. However, finding a business for sale is a challenge if it doesn’t have an online presence.

If your company isn’t on social media, then it should be. Here’s a brief guide of what you need to know to push your companies message through social channels in order to prompt an acquisition offer.

Optimize Your Platforms

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. There are so many platforms available for your company to spread your message.

For offline businesses, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are essentials that offer the best return for your time and money. Start a YouTube channel that focuses on providing your target market with fresh content that solves the problems they experience.

For example; If your company installs home security, take a short video using your cell phone during your next client installation. Focus your video on showing potential customers how you fit the system and the benefits of the technology.

A Facebook account is a vital component of your online strategy. Not only does Facebook have a large user base, but it also allows you to target local communities within your territory.

In our example of a security company, you can use a Facebook ad-set to laser target prospects. An Ad-set enables you to type in criteria to your Facebook advert manager using keywords. “private homeowners in San Diego,” “unsecured property in San Diego,” and “house robbery San Diego,” are all examples of keywords you can use in a Facebook ad-set. If you are a business for sale in San Diego, this is the perfect way to draw attention to yourself online.

Instagram is another fantastic platform you can use in your strategy to show a visual representation of what your company does and how you can benefit the needs of potential prospects. Post images of installations and happy customers to build social proof in your company’s products and services.

optimize social media

Publish Compelling Content and Engage with Your Audience

Online marketing is all about publishing compelling content that drives user engagement. Engaging with your audience is critical. If you create hype and awareness around your company, you must reply to all likes and comments on your posts. Failing to engage with your audience will cost you conversion.

Research Your Niche with Software Tools

If you’re struggling to think of content ideas, use software tools like Buzzsumo to research what’s trending in your niche.

These tools analyze local content and show you what people are engaging with on social platforms. Software tools will help you identify relevant hashtags, as well as industry influencers. You can use these tools to reach out to influencers and ask them to sponsor your content for a small fee.

Micro-influencers are social media accounts with between 2,500 to 10,000 followers. These influencer accounts offer the best value for your money. They won’t charge as much to promote your business or brand as accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Micro-influencers also tend to engage more with their audience, and they will refer all user engagement to your social platforms where you can follow-up on their queries.

Invest in Advertising Campaigns

Many companies that use social marketing fail because they lack the budget or the awareness to spend money on advertising. Instead, they choose to try and grow their community organically and are surprised when they receive no user engagement.

Facebook and Instagram advert campaigns offer a tremendous return-on-investment for even the most limited marketing budget. For as little as $5, you can gain an audience of thousands of followers using the Facebook business manager feature that’s available for free. Run adverts and test the efficacy of your marketing using free tools that allow you to target local regions within reach of your business.

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Hire a Professional

Many business owners that start a social marketing campaign have high hopes of receiving a flood of new prospects in a short period. Therefore, they begin their campaign publishing content every day, and then quickly run out of content ideas to post.

If you aren’t familiar with how social media works or you struggle with creating content, hire a professional to design your posts for you. This delegation takes the pressure off of you and allows you to focus on running your business and dealing with new prospects that respond to your social campaign.

The Final Thought – It Takes Time to Build Traction

Don’t expect to receive thousands of new orders in the first few weeks after launching your social campaign. It takes a consistent approach to your social marketing to build momentum. However, with patience and persistence to your strategy, you’ll eventually attract eyeballs and sales.