As digital marketers, we spend a lot of time, money, and other resources to market our products and services. It might be that we have put down a strategy with our short-term goals and long-term aims marking for the budget and the tools we will use.  There comes a time, when we are trying hard and putting all our resources to use and the results just won’t come through. It is a hard time for any marketer or person when their efforts are not yielding any fruit at all. You might want to revisit your strategy at that point of time trying to figure out where it is going wrong. Sometimes, it does not depend on any particular variable and you just need to have some patience. It is a hard time to be at, and all you need is to pick yourself up and get on with it. Here are a few things to do when you face hurdles in your campaigns:

1. Talk it through-

You will have to converse the strategy with whoever you trust with their knowledge and experience of the field. Take out your strategic goals and talk about how you were proceeding and what you have gained till now; you will have to show how you were working and the goals that you achieved. It is always good and refreshing to have a different perspective on your plans. You just might be missing a small jigsaw in the puzzle that was right in front of your eyes the whole time. After all, we are only human and a deeper look is always helpful.

2. Study and learn-

It might be that you are working in full force and with an aim in mind, but there have been hurdles that you just cannot pass through. The market is always evolving, the digital one even more so. Trends keep on changing and competition makes for new techniques and creativity to come in. That will require you to learn and keep pace with the changing trends as well, otherwise, you will remain a static in the upsurge; losing out on customers and value of your brand. Each year, we see changes in trends of digital marketing and we know that developing technology and techniques will push us to adapt to the oncoming wave of innovation.

study and learn

3. Find the causes-

It is a continuation of the point above, you were so sure of the strategy. You researched properly and put it to test, but, you cannot understand now what is holding you back. This is a hard time, and you will need plenty of energy to find out what is causing the holdback. Is it something you missed, have new players come in adopting an improved strategy and pushing you back, or is it just down to bad luck? There might be many reasons or none, depending on how well you calculated the timeline. If you are able to sit back and find out the cause for it, nothing will motivate you more than to finally putting a finger on it and getting it done right.

4. Pick yourself Up-

Any entrepreneur or employee will find it hard to be motivated when they cannot see any growth. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “it always seems impossible until it is done”. I know speaking is easier than actually doing it, but you do have to realize that efforts in the right direction do not go in vain and bear fruit at some point or the other. I suggest you go watch some Ted Talks where digital marketers talk about picking themselves up and doing what others couldn’t.

5. Try something new-

It might be that your campaign just requires some freshening up by changing the tactics to achieve what you went out to achieve. There have been cases where social media marketing was much more profitable than search engine marketing, and eventually got them the results they hoped to achieve through some other way. Essaywriter4u switched the time they were spending on search engine optimization to social media marketing when they figured out that most of the people they are targeting based on a certain criteria are on social media and it would be much easier to target them there. A recent report showed that people spend the most time on Tumblr, where time spent on each content post is more and there is not so short a post that you find on other social media platforms. Maybe, you need to target people who love meaningful content rather the exotic and fun posts you usually do.

6. Look at the bigger picture-

It is always useful and beneficial for a digital marketer’s mental health to look at the bigger picture that will only be possible with constant efforts and hard-work. It sometimes becomes the need of the hour when the progress is slow and the efforts not yielding the returns you hoped for. It will never be possible to achieve that ultimate goal of your strategy if you lose hope today.

7. Content-

Content is the base of digital marketing. It should always be good and unique; otherwise you would be serving a dish gone stale. It can be that a writer or content creator has suffered from a mental block and that is causing to produce repetitive and boring content each time. You always need to freshen up yourself and take a break. Your mind should be fresh and fingers raring to go or else the content will be dull and not up to the mark. If you think that the problem for your growth lies in the content, and that very well might be. You need to take a break from it all, travelling always helps gain perspective and putting in fresh ideas in the head; even more so than reading thousands of blog posts and looking to take a cue from there.