What’s up? Or, more importantly, what’s down? That’s the kind of vital network information you need to have at your fingertips. It’s the one reason most businesses hire a network monitoring service, but they can do so much more!

Check out these seven real benefits of using network monitoring services to give your business a boost.

1. Minimize outages

A network monitoring service allows you to detect both configuration and human error issues which can adversely affect the operation of your IT infrastructure. You can then proactively implement strategies to tackle these issues before they have any negative impact on your system. Having fewer outages helps to maintain customer satisfaction and boost your corporate image.

human error

2. Shorten downtime lengths

In the event that an outage does happen, every minute of downtime translates to lost revenue. During downtimes, your employees are left unengaged but it is still time you are committed to paying for. Also, as downtime progresses, you begin to lose status with your customers who become frustrated by the inconvenience and may turn to your competitors, instead. Network monitoring services can pinpoint and fix the problem, getting you up and running in the shortest possible time.

3. Retask your IT staff

Network monitoring services enhance the performance of your network. Hence, your IT staff has more time to focus on other areas, such as sourcing and implementing system upgrades for even greater efficiency. A reduced workload also means you are in a position to hire less IT personnel without leaving the department burdened or your network vulnerable.

4. Manage your evolving network

IT is one of the most rapidly changing and far-reaching industries, today. The internet and connectivity factor greatly into every aspect of your business, causing your IT infrastructure to become more and more complex to handle it all. Network monitoring tools help to keep you current with developments in the IT sphere, as well as to manage your system’s growing complexity. In so doing, you are able to remain relevant and competitive within your own industry.

evolving network

5. Detect privacy and security threats

Network monitoring services allow you to view system performance across the board. That helps you to discern what normal functioning looks likes so you are better able to detect and counter threats to your data privacy and security.

6. Generate performance reports

Network monitoring tools let you generate reports on the performance of the system as a whole or for specific functions. Your IT and management teams are thus better able to do fact-based data analysis of the system’s operation. They can then bring concrete evidence to share with board members, investors, and relevant departments.

7. Enjoy the ROI

All the other benefits of equipping your business with a network monitoring service lead to the most important benefit of all – more profits! Improved efficiency, a sharpened competitive edge, and a boosted corporate image help you to see an appreciable return on investment (ROI) almost immediately.

return on investment (ROI)

Knowing the status of network components and how those components are interacting with each other is integral to your business’ efficient operation. Invest in a network monitoring service and start reaping the many benefits which can help your company stay ahead of the competition.